Opinion On Credible Alien Abductions

Sent in by Nana in response to the video (Top 4 Most Credible ALIEN ABDUCTIONS) embedded below. Personally, I think the people who tell their story's in the video are very credible.

Nana's view: In my honest opinion these stories are obviously fake. Not only do the people lie without a flinch in their eyes but the reporting is also properly disingenuous to start with. All the stories are told with the assumption that those people are very unlikely to lie about what happened. The most important fact that is missed and in the video is that none of these people actually brought forth evidence or any kind of verifiable proof to indeed show that what has happened to them is not just their delusions or their desire to fame and/or money. The first bloke is supposed to be honest because “his credentials back him up”? Since when is a respected professor unable to lie?

Is that a biological change to your body that happens once you become a “respected professor” and makes you unable to lie in order to reboot your failed professor life and get some fame? And the second case, an old man that was probably in the process of fighting Alzheimer's and/or Schizophrenia, who probably just tripped and fell, and got bruised pretty bad, tells us that he was attacked by an alien ship?

And the third guy, why are we supposed to believe him when he says for example that he hypnotized himself and that he discovered whatever generic alien story he spouts in order to get famous? “But why would an Air Force One serviceman with a promising career make something like this up?”. Maybe because he didn’t have a promising career, maybe he did make some money from all of this, I mean getting invited to speak at radio stations and whatnot isn’t done for free, or you know, maybe he just wanted the fame, after all, what’s stopping him from lying?

Obviously nothing that has stopped the guys from the fourth story from lying. They all related different experiences, sort of like when the event described hasn’t really happened and they just can’t remember all the details of the lie they planned to tell. That’s why the stories are most probably fake, because there is no evidence in support of them, only falsifiable and dishonest reports. As Carl Sagan once said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”.

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