The Second World War Nazi UFO Mythos

The year is 1945, and the Second World War draws near to completion. The allied powers have defeated Adolf Hitler and his Nazi forces, preventing them from carrying out their purported threat of global domination. The world rests easy knowing full well that the heavily propagandised “twisted plans” of the Nazi regime would never reach fruition. They say that history is written by the winners, and Hitler certainly didn't win the war. But does anyone really win in war? Except the profiteers of course. I mean, take WW2 for instance. Combining the soldiers and civilians of all the countries involved, Tens of Millions of lives were lost. Is that a win? Preventing the war to begin with would be a “win” for everyone.

Alien UFO? No, that's just the man made Avrocar Craft

And truth be told, let's not forget that Hitler did send certain Governments, most notably Winston Churchill, an offer of peace, which unfortunately fell on deaf ears. If the peace treaty would have been accepted millions of lives could have been saved. But it wasn't to be. WW2 took place, millions of lives were lost, and we can only hope that it doesn't ever happen again. Saying that, some parts of the world are currently going through their own WW3 right now, so if you are fortunate enough to be living in relative peace, be thankful. Back to history and the UFO Mythos. If Hitler would have won, just what exactly did Adolf Hitler and the Nazis have in store for the world? And what type of technology would have been used to carry out their plans?

According to a New York Times article dated before the end of World War II, it was reported that a "floating mystery ball" was a new Nazi weapon. Could this be the explanation people needed for the wave of flying saucer sightings during the late 1930's, carrying into the 1940s?

During the war, Allied fighter planes make their way over German territory when suddenly, mysterious, illuminated disc-shaped aircraft buzz around the fighter jets in what appears to be an act of intimidation. "What type of aircraft were these?", a question in all probability asked by the Allied fighter pilots. The mysterious saucer crafts outmanoeuvred the Allied bombers and displayed a level of sophistication and technological advancement that no such power on the Earth had been capable of at the time. The fighter pilots came to call these mysterious saucer-crafts, "Foo-fighters". But just what exactly were these Foo-Fighters and why were they protecting German territory during the war?

 Nazi UFO

If the Foo-Fighters were indeed Nazi flying discs, then how did the Germans come up with a technology well-situated beyond their years? According to a History Channel documentary detailing the Nazi UFO mythos, it was stated that the Nazis did indeed invent and even fly a saucer shaped aircraft which was powered by a vortex, whirlwind type engine. If such an engine existed, it would have displayed gyroscopic principles in flight. Perhaps this explains the impossible manoeuvring of the Foo-Fighters.

Even more perplexing a question is how the Germans fostered and developed a science that was incredibly outlandish compared to anything that had been created before it. Did the Germans come up with the idea on their own accord, or did they recover the technology from something else, vis-a-vis, a crashed flying saucer from a distant alien world? If indeed the Nazis had perfected their flying saucer technology, what came of the research and secret documents after the war had ended? The world may never know.

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