Report a UFO Sighting: 11 Simple Steps

Regardless of your beliefs, Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are fascinating things to investigate. Some people may think they are aliens from outer space or secret spy planes. One day, you may actually see one and have a need to report it. The question is: How do you report a UFO Sighting?
Here are simple steps anyone can follow:

1. Do not hold your breath...breathe and STAY CALM. If there are witnesses with you, ask if they see what you are seeing. If the answer is yes, keep watching and do not take your eyes off it!

2. Record it! Most people nowadays have a cellphone that can record video and/or take pictures. Get it out and use it. This is major proof. You want people to believe you. Got a Smartphone with an excellent camera? Even better! Get those pixels to work.

3. Glance at your watch quickly. You need to note the time the sighting occurred so that investigators can piece together the information with other witnesses you are unaware of. This will definitely make your report seem more reliable with other witnesses are reporting the sighting around the same time.

4. The time the sighting ended. Just as important as knowing the time the sighting occurred is knowing the time the sighting ended. This doubles your credibility if other witnesses confirm the same thing.

5. Describe the appearance and movements. What did it look like? How big was it? What shape was it? Did you see any lights? Did it hover or speed back and forth?

6. Draw it. Try drawing it. If you were lucky, you had a camera or camcorder handy.

7. Where were you and where was it. Pinpoint your exact location. How far away were you from the object? Was it in the air the whole time or did it land?

8. Describe the weather and type of day or night it was. Was it hot out? Cold? Was it raining? Windy? Cloudy? Sunny?

9. List any other witnesses. If there are other witnesses with you, write down everyone's contact information.

10. Have other witnesses write their own report. If other witnesses are with you, each should separately write their own reports.

11. Report your sighting. Distribute only copies of reports, recordings and photos. Keep originals in a safe place, never giving them to anyone. It is recommended that you report your sighting to the National UFO Reporting Center ( On their website, you can use the on-line UFO Report Form and if the sighting has occurred within the last week, you can call the Hotline: (206) 722-3000.Alternatively, you can report it here on 12vn if you want others to read about it. The story, pictures and footage (if any) will be posted to this website. Fill out the form or write about your sighting in a comment box on any of the posts.

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