My UFO Experience

I'd Swear to This

f there's something that amazes me, it's that whenever I tell this story, how many people nod and say, "yeah, I've seen something like that".

One Saturday evening in October of 1975 myself and 3 friends were walking our dates home from a rollerskating party sponsored by our Catholic school. OK, well only one of us had a date, and it wasn't me, but we'd walk back from these rollerskating parties via the railroad tracks and hop over onto the street that the girl of our lucky friend lived on.

We'd wait while he walked her to the door and kick our sneakers talking about the party, or plans for the remainder of the weekend. Back then these always involved Baseball, you know, just kids stuff. This evening was no different up until the point we realized we were suddenly under a bright light. As it was a dark street, I wondered if a streetlight just popped on, this happened once in a while back then, there were no sodium type street lights the kind that brighten slowly.

When we all looked up, there was a huge, very bright, perfectly round, yellow light shining directly over our heads. At first we just couldn't speak. It appeared to be up about 50 to 100 feet or so, but who knows for sure. It was the same color yellow as a regular light bulb, and when one of us spoke, me at first, I said, "I know what that is, it's a helicopter, they have a big single lights like that". One of my friends pointed out, that helicopters make noise and move, and this was doing neither. I knew he was right and that I threw out the explanation more for comfort than anything else.

We continued to look up, and were really starting to get scared now after it sunk in that we had no idea what this was. One of us said, "let's just look away for a second and see what happens". We did that and when we looked back up again, it was gone, without a sound. It was just like someone turned off a light switch! It seemed like a few minutes that this thing was up there, probably for one to three minutes as we'd had time for that short conversation.

It definitely seemed as though we were being observed. On the way home we speculated as to what it was, theories ranged from a secret Govt. craft, to a message from God that we'd better straighten out (we were impressionable young Catholic schoolboys after all). For some reason, we never mentioned what I felt we all thought it really was, which was some kind of space ship.

I think we'd have felt like we would have lost a grip on reality if we'd said it out loud. It would be a great story if I could tell you that I woke up with memories of being abducted, or I had strange dreams for years to come, but none of that happened. As far as I remember, we never talked about it among the four of us again. Anyway, as a result, I've always been open minded to extra terrestrial life possibilities, but have never had any other major experiences. It's not the most exciting UFO story, but I'll tell you this, it's true.

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