My UFO Sighting In Illinois

One night, over the skies of Illinois, I had my experience seeing something in the sky I couldn't explain. My husband was working the third shift and I was unemployed; for this reason, 3:30 A.M. conversations were not unusual.

One early morning, while we were chatting, I found myself looking out our large, west-facing, picture window and watching two very large diamond shaped lights, hovering midair, next to each other. I'm not sure how long they hung in this position; but after a while they started to move diagonally to the right while maintaining their side by side position.

I watched them until they were completely out of sight. I didn't hear them make any noise, if there was any sound to hear, and I never came across anyone else who had seen the same sight. I don't know what it was and have never seen anything like it since that night.

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