Weird Fake Alien Encounter Albuquerque

Sent in by someone with too much time on their hands!

On the night of 15 July 1994 I was walking down a highway outside of Albuquerque, NM. It was approximately 9:45 PM. I was far enough away from the city lights that I had a fairly clear view of the night sky. It was clear that night, so I was gazing up admiring the stars. It was at this point that I saw an unidentified flying object (UFO). At first, I believed it to be a large meteorite. It shot down from near the top of the sky glowing and with a burning tail behind it - such as a shooting star.

It was only when it came to a complete stop in the center of the sky did I realize otherwise. As it hovered there, it began to change colors and emit a peculiar humming sound. The colors went from white to yellow to red to blue to green and then back again to white. This it did in sequence with each color lasting about thirty seconds. The sound was like that of a humming bird of huge proportions, or like that of several humming birds of standard size. After the UFO had sequenced through its colors five times, it remained white and the humming ceased.

I was suddenly enveloped in a lime green light which drew me up to the UFO. I was not afraid as while I was in the beam the music of Chuck Mangione was being played. (I do not suspect that aliens have what we would call elevator muzak, but that they new enough about Earth customs to play it for my benefit). After a few minutes in the beam, I was taken aboard their vessel which, due to the light, I was unable to see clearly. Once I was aboard, I was introduced the ship's captain and her xenocultural officer. (These extraterrestrials appeared nothing like those we hear about so often in abduction reports.

These aliens resembled large birds more than anything else). The captain and her officer explained that they were from a world called Oklakzopkopokz which orbits a star the we call Delta Vega (in their language it is Kongchipokzikizkizkziz) and that they were on a mission to learn more about Earth culture. Thinking this was a very fine thing (and not being a little flattered) I agreed to answer their questions. It turns out that they only had one question. "What is Chuck Norris's middle name?" It was my deep regret that I was unable to tell them as I didn't know it. They said that it was quite alright and that they appreciated my time anyway. In gratitude they told me the secrets of the universe and gave me a ride into Albuquerque.

At some point in the summer of 1994 I was sitting on my porch looking at the stars. Suddenly this large orange light appeared in the sky. It was about ten times larger than the stars. A few moments later it shot away at a very high speed. I'm unsure what it was (hence, it was true UFO). It may have been some sort of jet or something of that nature. Could it have been aliens? Sure, I suppose. However, without more information I prefer to remain skeptical.

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