Is The Slenderman Real or Fake?

From the ancient mythological characters to the present urban legends, human history is filled with references to characters who possess supernatural powers and unique features that the common masses cannot even dream of. And one urban myth that is more popular than ever right now is the Slenderman. Though the character was created by one user Victor Surge by photo shopping two different images, the character soon became popular across a wide area as a paranormal figure and was soon associated with various mysterious events occurring over the centuries.


The initial picture created by Victor Surge was of a faceless man who was exceptionally thin and super long limbs that made him look unnatural. Later, several features were added to the physical appearance of the Slenderman by people who reported having seen him. According to the myth that is popular presently, the Slenderman appears as a faceless, hairless, white man who wears a dark black suit with white shirt and a dark coloured tie.

Apart from the fact his hands and legs are too long to be normal, he is also believed to have tentacles popping out from his back that he uses to frighten and capture victims. Believers say that these tentacles can be contracted at will, so some may see it while others may not. They also believe in the fact that the Slenderman can make tendrils appear at the ends of the fingers, that usually ensnares the victims. He is believed to have the ability to extend to impossible lengths, in order to frighten the victims. He is also believed to have hypnotising powers that help him to his lure victims more easily.


Though several folklore's and historical references were associated with the Slenderman, yet according to the modern myth, sightings covered a huge area of the US and sometimes in the UK as well. Several reports were lodged is Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida and other states where mysterious abductions, disappearances, suicides and damages were attributed to the Slenderman. Wooded areas seem to be a favourite Slender Haunt. Whatever the Slenderman may be, and whatever it's intentions really are, it is known to most people for attacking kids and youngsters, but no confirmation has yet been made on what he actually does with the victims. The alleged victims just disappear!

He is also believed to be associated with bridge collapses or mass suicides where he hypnotises the victims. Reports also say that the Slenderman has the ability to teleport and read the chosen targets mind.

The Origin

Though the myth resurfaced in 2009 with the creation of the photoshopped image by Victor Surge, several similarities have been noticed with cave paintings dated to 9000 BC in Brazil, Egyptian hieroglyphs as old as 5000 years old and several other such ancient texts, paintings, stories, etc.

Famous Slenderman case

Though the character was not himself involved in the case, the purported culprits (two school girls of 12) were reported to have stabbed a girl classmate of their age in order to convince the Slenderman to take them under his wing. Though the victim survived, the girls were tried for many years, right up to when they became women. The trials are presently under suspension.


Though the alleged encounters and activities of the Slenderman are quite an Internet craze right now, no solid evidence has ever been found about the existence of the man himself. Seeing is believing and thus, those who haven’t witnessed the phenomenal character first hand, often believe that it is fake and just a myth. This generations bogey man.

According to them, the fictional character was the result of Photoshop, and online horror story-tellers, helped tremendously by the Slenderman going viral, have kept the character very much alive and kicking to make more interesting stories, in spite of it most probably being fake in reality. But for all you Slender Man fans, there are games, movies (reviews for all, from 2013 - 2016 are terrible!), and many documentaries online that will keep you entertained for hours. Just don't play or watch them alone at night if you scare easily!


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