Angel Shaped UFO Sighting In Space?

Apparently this is an official picture released by NASA (Contained in the video). An object shaped like an "Angel", or more like a big bird, that was spotted in space. It does look suspiciously like its been photo shopped to me, although I could be wrong. Is it something strange. An Angel? Government Craft, Aliens?. If there really was something there in real time it is a very big object and appears completely white in colour from the reflecting light source. See the video below.

Of course, a lot of interesting images and footage from space and other planets showing strange objects do come from NASA. But looking at some of the images that people are showing on websites like Youtube,  Vimeo etc, I think not all, but a lot of them are seeing what they want to see. Unfortunately, a lot of Pareidolia seems to be going on.

However, in regards to this picture, NASA have been under suspicion for some time by certain people and organisations of Airbrushing out certain objects from their images over the years, so why not this one.. It would be nice to see the actual video footage of this object if it exists. A still image alone is so much easier to fake. Does anybody know if there is any video footage of this object out there. If so post a comment.

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