Weird Flashes and UFOs On The Moon 2015

The Moon is holding many mystery's. The amount of unexplained activity that's happening on and around the Moon on a daily basis really is amazing. This strange footage captured in early August 2015 by Youtube user: Crrow777 really is interesting. It shows several UFOs darting into the Moon. And if that wasn't enough it also shows a rarely captured on video, a series of flashes that look to originate from the Moon. First there is one flash, and a little later on a double flash occurs.

We really have no clue what this could be and would welcome any suggestions. The Moon is a total mystery, some say it's artificial, others say its a base for aliens. One things for sure, there is a lot we don't know about the Moon and the things that could possibly be lurking there, and the more footage I personally see the more stranger the Moon becomes. Imagination goes into overdrive if you consider that the dark side (Far side that can't been seen from Earth) of the Moon remains largely unseen (Unless from Space) and unexplored other than with a Probe.

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Dork said...

Those flashes could be the lasers the US Government built to ward off "visitors" from outerspace. Weaponization of space. My 2 cents

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