Preventing An Alien Abduction In Action

First off, I do believe that other life does exist somewhere out there and that not all alien contact falls under this posts subject matter. However, contact can be different to abduction so it is possible that all abductions do fall under this posts subject. This information is not being put out there to scare anyone but to hopefully offer a potential way out for people who feel helpless to stop what is happening to them. To a lot of people reading this post it probably just sounds like a bit of fun, a subject of curiosity. But for some of the real victims of alien abduction it is the most terrifying experience a person could ever go through. So any solution that might be able to help these victims prevent any future abductions from taking place should be put out there. If you have no other way of stopping an alien abduction surely this is worth a go.

If you are, or have been a victim of alien abduction this post might be quite unnerving. However, I think everyone, especially an abductee, should be aware of this information. There has been speculation and suspicion for many years that the forces behind most of the alien abductions are demonic. Some experts on UFOs and Aliens actually believe that this is a 100% fact and that in most cases what we are actually dealing with here are demonic forces / beings. Whilst this may be a hard pill to swallow for some, there is quite a lot of evidence starting to pile up that shows that it may be true.

I'm not the most religious person, but I do believe there is a God. And that is the way that you can stop an alien abduction, by calling upon Jesus Christ for help. Once Jesus' name is called for help the "Aliens" either stop what they were doing and try to reassure the person being abducted that they mean no harm and everything will be OK, or they just go and leave the person alone. If these entities are not demonic then why would they be so concerned when Jesus' name is called upon. So concerned that in many cases they just get the hell out of there!. If they are not demonic why would it have such authority over them? Please watch the video. It is long but well worth your time. Joe Jordan now has over 600 alien abduction cases (was 400 when video was made) on record that all have one thing in common.. Once the abduction victim called upon Jesus Christ for help the abduction stopped.

There are quite a few videos out there on the subject of aliens are demons but why don't any of the leading UFO organisations ever acknowledge this information..If you think that you can go and ask any one of the so called UFO experts from any of the organisations and expect to get a straight answer, good luck. The people that are behind many of the Alien / UFO movements who run the big conferences, meet ups, sell the merchandise etc, are making big money. This is a multi-million dollar business.

You see, this is big business for these people. The longer the masses actually believe Aliens and UFOs are from other planets and Galaxy's and that some of the "Stars" of these events (Speakers) are, or have been in contact with "Aliens" and have been given messages for mankind, the more money they make from their books, DVDs, talks, you name it. Can you imagine if the people who attend these events, some of whom blindly support the movement and spend and donate a lot of money, found out that most of these so called aliens from another Galaxy are actually demons, they'd be horrified! There are some people who organise these events that are well aware of what most of the aliens really are but they choose to remain quiet because they know how fast they would be out of business. Check out what Joe Jordan says at 1 hour into the video about the people asking if they can go off the record when talking about this subject.

Now that's not to say there aren't some genuine people out there that attend these gatherings that have had real abduction experiences and are not trying to profit or hide the truth from the people. But as we know from previous abductee story's, these alien entities are known to be great deceivers so how can we be sure that the abductee is not being lied to or used in some way to forward a certain agenda. If you take anything away from this post let it be that you keep an open mind. Watch the video and make your own conclusions. There are 600 recorded cases that Joe Jordan has compiled so far, but think of how many people out there that don't want to come forward, and how many abductee's that haven't ever tried to stop an abduction using this method. For all we know, in every case, it could have stopped the abduction. We will never know.

With more people choosing to be atheists, could this open the door to an increase in prolonged abductions. Atheists would not even think of calling to Jesus for help, so they could potentially be the prime victims of alien abductions for many years without knowing how to stop them. Certainly gives a lot to think about. I question everything, but with so much evidence building up it has to be given some time and be looked into more in depth. Too many victims of "alien" abductions are claiming the same thing over and over again for it to just be ignored.


rezak said...

no one want to hear this it is the truth

Anonymous said...

The power of christ compels you ;-)

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