Intelligent Craft Flying Past The Moon

Now and again UFO footage comes along that really can't be explained very easily. There is a lot of fake footage out there, so it's nice to find a real clip like this to restore some hope that not everyone is just putting a fake video out there in order to get as many youtube views as possible. The uploader of the clip, Crrow777, has some excellent genuine footage.

This footage is from last year, but regardless of age it clearly shows some sort of craft flying past the moon that has it's own power source. We see this power source "Fire Up" on several occasions in this footage. This is a UFO in the sense that it's unknown as to what it is or where it's from..

Is it a secret craft originating from Earth (Part of a secret project), a Satellite's reflection (When it lights up) from a different light source, or is it something more than that. Personally I believe this is no way a Satellite or anything else. It's either a secret craft from a black project or it's from somewhere else. Leave a comment below with a possible explanation.

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Anonymous said...

Thrusters and s**t!

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