Depiction Of God In Lovejoy Comet?

Close up images of the Lovejoy Comet show some amazing things when analysed using different resolutions. The video below has some amazing images, but one strange picture in particular stands out from the rest. It shows what looks to be an old bearded man wearing a hooded cloak. This white-bearded man even looks like he has a shield of amour of some kind on his left hand side. In front of him looks to be another figure but this one is a darker figure, possibly representing a darker force..

Even if it's nothing, it has to be seen because that sure is a strange image to find concealed in a close up view of a comet. And how do we really know for sure that certain powers that be don't show us signs this way. I mean, what do we really know? The answer is not much.

Could this be a depiction of God and an evil entity, possibly Satan, at the fore front, showing in a picture that he (Satan) is ruling the Earth at the moment but God is soon to come back and is waiting in the background for the right time..Is this a sign of some kind? Very weird image indeed and it certainly needs more views. If you just want to see the image start watching from around 8:00 and watch to the end. Well worth a look. Full credit to Youtube uploader litereader for the video.

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Anonymous said...

GOD is watching! amazing find

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