Are UFOs Really Everywhere All The Time

A photograph was recently sent to 12vn. The picture sender says that it shows the magnetic reflection of a Radionnic ship of light (UFO). They claim that inter-dimensional ships (UFOs) are everywhere at all times. I like to post what people send me even if I can't see anything so that my visitors can make their own minds up.

Personally, I can't see anything that looks strange in the picture, other then clouds look like chemtrails that have been in the air for several hours and are now dispersing, creating unfamiliar shapes that look like a mix of clouds and chemtrails. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Yours could make more sense then mine. Am I missing something here? If so comment below.

A UFO? Click to enlarge

From the sender: "UFO enthusiasts have no idea. Inter-dimensional ships from all over Creation are all over the place all the time. This is what the magnetic reflection of a Radionnic ship of light in Earth’s lower atmosphere looks like."

Anyone interested in seeing more of these pictures from the original sender go to the following link on their website:


Anonymous said...

Not ufo

Anonymous said...

Image looks glued together.....

Anonymous said...

hidden in clouds?

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