UFO Sighting Or a Moving Satellite

I live in Castle Bromwich, Birmingham UK. When I went outside for a cigarette this morning at around 6:30am, I saw what exactly resembled a star moving across the sky. I thought at first that it may be a small airplane, but as it got nearer, I saw no flashing lights - nothing at all.

All I can explain is that it looked like a moving star travelling across the sky at the same speed, a steady speed, not fast, or too slow, until it disappeared from my view.

Can anyone explain what this was? I was a little bit spooked by it! I was reading online that it could be a satellite? Really?


Anonymous said...

Seen the same thing in Cornwall. Low in the sky

Anonymous said...

i saw that meself = warwickshire

if it a satelite why is it moving?

Kjstar Gaming said...

I live in castle bromwich to. And I've seen so many strange things in the skies. Me and my Dad think that its got something to do with the field behind my house that was closed about 17 years ago. Even my dad's friend who lives near me, and he has seen a lot of strange sightings in the sky.

The other day me and my Dad were walking to the local TESCOexpress just around the corner from my house on GREEN LANE. On the way back we walk the same way through the so called gully way. Which is home to TOMLINSON ROAD, a small quit roadway. The way to GREEN LANE shops. We noticed two bright blue lights in the sky.

As we were walking home it was following us.

So what was it?Err

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