A Life of Alien Contact And Abduction

My story is real and it still blows my mind to think about the reality of my life. At around 12 years of age I started having premonitions of future events in my life when I was in the location or presence of the person they related to. Didn't think anything of them until it became ridiculous for such things to be a fluke. At around 20 years of age I spent a couple of months looking at the stars every night asking in my thoughts to be shown the universe. Until one night I noticed a bright dazzling orange light low on the horizon, as soon as I looked at it the light started moving towards me until it was above me. It was about 50 metres above the ground and half the size of the house, didn't look like a ship, just an amazing sphere of orange light.

After looking at it for about 15 seconds it seemed to have a strange hypnotic effect on me and I went into a trance, just before I was about to lose consciousness I snapped out of the trance and freaked out. I went inside and waited 5 minutes, it was still there when I poked my head out, about 10 minutes later I saw it shoot off into the sky at an amazing speed. I sort of felt like I had turned down the offer as I had been asking to be shown the universe.

Fast forward 15 years and many more premonitions that came true, actually they have never been wrong, I went through an extremely stressful period in my life after a separating from my wife. This then triggered a phenomenon called traumatic amnesia which resulted in me remembering horrific abuse torture that my mother’s boyfriend perpetrated against me around 5 years of age. The memories were clear as day and shed light on the 7 large scares across my back which I was told by my mother appeared over night when I was young. The truth was the b***ard held me down and tortured me by cutting me with a knife when I tried to fight back.

The memories also included weird out of body experiences that would happen during the abuse, like floating in the corner of the room and turning away so I didn't have to watch, also floating out of the room completely and into the sky. However, the weirdest memory of all was what happened during the torture, my consciousness went into another realm, it was like running to the beginning of time itself and defying all requests to return to where I came from by a range of other consciousnesses that were not human. I have had a number of other strange things occur in my life, however the other night the most peculiar thing happened. I went to sleep listening to shamanic meditation music with biannual waves which I have never done before, woke up at 6:15am with a headache and feeling as if I had run a marathon.

When I went to have my morning shower I noticed a one inch completely straight thin cut on my forehead with dried blood around it. The best way I could describe it would be like some sort of laser cut which still stings a bit. It's a deep cut, not like a scratch and looks as if it is going to leave a scar when it heals up. What on earth could have caused this?. There is no way it’s a scratch, I don't even have nails and it looks like a precision cut, perfectly straight. I don't think you could even make such a straight cut with a knife. I am not overly concerned as I have been guided by an inner sense all my life which always protects me.

I was even clinically dead for an unknown amount of time when I was 14 from severe alcohol poisoning, I was found by police by some bazaar coincidence. The strange thing was following this incident I had vivid dreams for about a year after of leaving my body and travelling through tunnels and then the sky. I seem to be able to feel people’s energy and know things about them within minutes of talking to them. My life is dam strange.


Anonymous said...

A little odd but nothing too out of the ordinary..

Anonymous said...

Feeling energy like that is psychic, take a psychic test!

I have seen ufos many times and had out of body all my life, but I dont remember the ufo dreams fully/much

Sweet-T said...

I'm terrified and thrilled at the thought of full disclosure from our military and government.

MKULTRA said...

is / was the alien abduction incident in lake county real?

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