Alien Visit While Asleep Radiation Burn

Hello,My name is *****. I have not made this story public,ever. I have seen many UFO'S in my life,starting at about age 5.Have "communicated"once by flashing lights,but this terrifies me to no end!I love being outside at night and watching the skies for,whatever.But now, I will not go outside at night by myself hardly at all. I had 2 experiences around the same time (w/in 3 months of each other)But will discuss this one as it scares me the most, I thought I was asleep,but all of a sudden I was standing in the field near my house where everyone goes to play, or the kids make forts,etc....It was night time,dark,and my son was there along with a few others that were standing off in the distance just "watching' all of a sudden, I see the "craft"and it is getting really close!

It was a very large "round"craft,(I have never seen a round UFO up close). It kept getting closer, the craft was making a lot of wind, and I screamed for my son, I ran  toward him and grabbed him,the craft lowered itself down to about 25 feet  or so over us,Then, It "cast"an extremely blinding "hot"white light,I was telling my son to "Hold on to me"don't let go!!It got really hot.I bent over holding my son,shielding him and exposing my back to this very hot light,the beam was focused directly on us. I remember my son holding me,and I told him not to look,and not to let me go! (I don't know at that point,who was protecting who).

I have never been so afraid in my life!I screamed,very loud to please stop!At that moment, I was back in my bed ,sitting up,w/my heart pounding out of my chest,I could feel my back,it was burning horribly, like a very bad sunburn. I ran to my son's room (he was 14) He was asleep, I woke him up and asked him if he had the same experience,I could not get en intelligible answer out of him,he would not wake up enough, I checked his vitals,and tried to calm down, I checked every door, and window in the house.To this day, I still cannot verify it to be a true abduction, But when I awoke, the next morning, my back was burning really bad. I thought nothing of it, but when I had my husband look at my back.....There was about a 10x12 in area on the right side under my shoulder of bright red burn and large blisters! I thought he was joking until I LOOKED IN THE MIRROR!

My son has no memory of anything,and now,a person who feared nothing (me) cannot even walk outside in the dark w/o fearing for my life,I need to know if this was real,but who can I talk to? The proof was there,only I cannot wrap my head around it. And then In Sept last year, I was in my jeep, on the beach alone,and woke up a mile from where I was originally w/only maybe 15 min of lost time, I HAVE NEVER FAINTED OR BLACKED OUT!! Please help me figure this out!! It is ruining me, I have severe ptsd now!!Any help would be greatly appreciated! And can someone please tell me if you can differentiate radiation burn from??? Whatever burnt me in my sleep???

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Hi *****, thanks for making contact with 12vn. Sadly, you are one of many that have experienced something they can't explain. It sounds like you had contact with something, whether that was alien or otherwise, I am not sure. It does sound like you had an encounter with ufos and aliens. Did you have the burns looked at by a doctor? If so what did they say.

Did the burns heal quick or very slowly and keep returning? Hopefully, with Your story published you will get comments from people who might be able to shed some light on your encounter, or have possibly experienced the same thing.

Kind Regards

Anonymous said...

Thank you for responding.I had my husband look at my back last night after I wrote you,I was amazed to find out that there was a "patch"of discoloration!and when he rubbed his hand over the area it still burns!

I tend to "try to ignore"things like this so I do not worry excessively.And no,I did not even mention it to my Dr.!I do not have a good relationship w/him anyway.Now that I have actually started thinking about it again,I can "feel"it as I sit here typing.

I have always been very sick,(past 26 years)with various infections that dr.'s even specialists cannot find.and what they did find,they absolutely refuse to treat me for.(Mycoplasma)several species.The way they (all of them)act I can almost believe that they know something I don't!I really am not a conspiracy theorist,but the way Doctors treat me,I am very suspicious. My white count is very high,I feel really sick,I even have a "brain tumor"that keeps "appearing"and "vanishing"and they have no explanation for this.

That simply does not happen!I am serious,i have seen 3 doctors in 3 months all of them acknowledge the high white ct,but tell me""I SEE NO INFECTION" so....IDK....I am lost, my 16 (all most)year old son has the same problems as I .Hehas witnessed several ufo's as well,but is in complete denial, lol.

I have a report on "NUFORC"from Sept of 2004 I believe,you can look it up under Wa.state sightings in Vancouver Wa.we seem to always see them,and finally my husband,and about 30 others did as well on July 4th 2013,but these were ultra fast orange orbs. You are welcome to publish this,I only wish there were some way I could know for sure what happened that night.Thank you again for getting back to me.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more frustrating then reaching out for answers and help in trying to grasp the reality of being an abductee. There is no one we can talk to.....unless they are an abductee they can never understand or pretend to.

I didn't speak of my experiences for 50 years.........Nancy Tremaine, Footprints in the Snow....and now that my story is out I am even more alienated. Family and friends don't want to hear about it or believe it.

This is some frightening sh**! It truly takes a very open mind and an above IQ to grasp what is going on around us. People prefer their safety in the turtle shells.

Fra Gil said...

Like your story, but I really can't tell much cause last two times I saw an UFO was about 15 years ago and since then Nada, I like story like that and even there are people out there who aren't believe in such of thing but I still do.

Carry my camcorder with me everyday not to disturb them nor to make a big deal about it.
from what I heard there are different type of them some that are friendly, look like us and some who are here to study on us and hurt us from what some people are saying. Anyway if your story is really true then you were one lucky b****rd, what I mean is that not anyone get to experience such a thing, you were visited for a reason and my friend I do not know what the reason is but who knows. .

They usually say if you saw one you'll get a visit from the man in black, never heard of them until a couple days ago and if they're trying to shut you down know your right of speech. Hope to heard more from and good luck.

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