Strange UFOs In San Pablo, Brazil 2014

If you haven't seen this footage yet then its something you should definitely check out. Whilst they may not be extraterrestrial in origin they certainly are weird looking. Some people think they are Drones with high powered lights attached. The same "UFO lights" have been seen in America a lot recently, particularly in Los Angles and Toronto. Drones, Remote Control Planes with lights on, Fallen Angels, real aliens, the opinions of the people who have watched this footage are very mixed.

Some believe its aliens and some believe there's nothing much to see here, just kids with high tech toys. Draw your own conclusions on this one. However, if they are toys they must be expensive ones that are highly capable a flying in all directions. That goes for the lights too, they don't look like cheap L.E.D's to me. Perhaps Government related hardware. Enjoy the video footage and leave your opinion of what you think they are.

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Fra Gil said...

Who knows what they might be and who cares we all know we ain't alone in this planet/galaxy there are real then so let it be our government can't hide this $#it anymore.
High tech toys/ UFO what ever as long as we know they are out there but thanks for that Video.

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