Something Is On The Moon Feb 2014

This isn't the first time strange goings on have been seen on the Moon. It's been happening for hundreds of years. Maybe even thousands of years but humans (as far as we know) didn't have the technology back then to document the sightings.

Strange lights, Strange artificial structures that just appeared from nowhere, UFOs leaving the Moons surface, you name it. This one here is very strange. It almost looks like a wavy Mirage sometimes, like it could be some sort of gas or mist. But then again, it seems to be illuminated and at times look circular in shape. There's definitely something really strange going on with the Moon.

I believe the Moon is artificial and used as a base / stop off point for many different types of Aliens / UFOs. We can only watch the surface of the Moon with the technology we have, but the bigger mystery is not what's on the surface but what's going on under it. There could literally be an underground city / world inside the Moon. The possibility's are endless and interesting..

How many people have searched underground on the Moon? Not many. And the ones that have or know what's going on are keeping their lips sealed. This is great footage, and whatever the strange anomaly is, it's massive.

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