Strange Orb UFOs In Brazil 2014

A weird Orb UFO sighting that occurred in Brazil in January 2014. First it looks like an orb / UFO formation shaped like a lollipop with one big bright light (UFO) at the top.

After a while orbs start to drop away and disappear. This then leaves a circle of orb / UFOs that seem to be in sync, all joined in the circle. Later the circle breaks up and the objects break apart, then remake the circle shape. Very strange footage.

Video Credit: Youtube user: Jmhz71

Some people are saying it could be Chinese Lanterns, but I have never seen a Chinese Lantern that size before. And to make a huge lollipop shape! Don't Chinese Lanterns have a little flickering candle type light? These balls of light are moving around in various directions. If they are Chinese Lanterns they are seriously good ones that I have never seen before.


Anonymous said...

After seeing the jerusalem sighting a few years old now? and then finding out it was fake makes everything questionable.

Anonymous said...

great catch

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