Cattle Mutilation Cover-Ups Are Real

 Sent in by: Eyes Open Wide Awake.

Are cattle Mutilations still happening in the USA. You bet they are. Cattle mutilations are not only happening in the USA, it's happening worldwide. For a long while people thought beyond any doubt that the mutilations were the work of aliens. The surgical incisions and organ removal procedures were performed with such advanced technology, such as the removal of big organs through a small hole, that this was thought to be the work of something extraterrestrial.

Why perform such advanced operation type procedures to remove certain organs. Do the aliens eat the organs or are they using them for something else. DNA manipulation or experimentation purposes (Research). Turns out there was a breakthrough. A cattle farmer in the USA who had lost some of his animals through mutilation seen a UFO looking object flying by his farm land near the location where cattle had been killed. He followed the UFO, and once close enough he could see the what he thought was a UFO wasn't a UFO at all. It looked exactly like a UFO but at the top it has a propeller like a helicopter!.

It was a helicopter under the disguise of a UFO. This scream of Government involvement. Who else would have the money and resources to make a helicopter disguised as a UFO. Why would they bother. Someones trying to hide something for sure. Is it a Black-Op type arm of the Government? Or is that a silly question. The real question is are the people in the fake UFO doing the mutilating themselves or are they clearing up after the aliens..Something really fishy is going on. A big cover-up.

It's not just animals that are being mutilated and having body parts removed by a procedure not seen on Earth. People have been killed like this too. The Government has done a good job of hiding these cases from the mainstream media. Many people who have been killed in this manner are still classed as "missing" by the authorities even though they are really dead. The reason for this is if the missing persons family went to see their loved ones body and seen it in the state they had been left after these strange mutilations have taken place they would be horrified and outraged. The family would want answers. What the hell could do that to a human being. The procedures are very complex like the removal of organs through a tiny hole, and the eradication of the skin on the victims jaw. Not a pretty sight let me tell you.

Taking out organs from a tiny hole is just not possible with even the most advanced surgical technology known to man. So you can see, it's better for the people covering this up that the missing person just remains "missing". Makes you wonder how many missing people there are in the USA alone. The number of missing people is big. How many have met this sad end. It's not just USA where this happens, the UK and Argentina also have many cases of human and cattle mutilations but they are quickly hidden from view.

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