Amazing UFO Orb Sightings In Michigan

Very strange UFO Orb captured on a security camera in Michigan. This is an amazing capture. But what actually are these things and what interest do they have in this area..Whatever "They" are they do not look or move like anything on Earth. Personally I think these types of UFOs / Orbs could actually be demonic beings.

As crazy as that might sound to some, there are quite a few people who are much more knowledgeable then me about this subject who strongly believe the same thing. If you watch other videos which feature the same types of UFOs, not all, but some of the people filming are convinced that these "UFOS" are definitely friendly.

Some even call them their brothers. This blind trust is quite dangerous as no one knows what they really are or what there true intentions may be. This is another must see video if you haven't seen it yet.

Video Credit: Youtube user Jcattera


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