UFO Incident At The Lake District UK

The Lake District has had it's fair share of UFO sightings over the years, but there isn't many story's of actual alien contact occurring there. However, there is one known story of a very close encounter that happened at the Lake District. In 1980 a local man who didn't want to publicly reveal his identity claimed to have had an encounter with two aliens.

The man was out walking on a rainy night along side a river bank. He seen a shape directly in front of him. At first he didn't think it was anything out of the ordinary and presumed it was some sort of farm yard animal grazing the land. As he got closer it seemed to be a more solid object, and again he dismissed it as most probably an animal shelter or feeder of some sort. But then, out of curiosity, he turned on his torch and directed at the object. The man said what he saw was a metallic UFO which was hovering a few feet above the ground. The witness then claimed to have heard something approaching him from behind so he turned around and shone the torch in the direction of what was coming. He said that all of a sudden his torch was struck by a thin laser beam which broke and melted the torch.

The laser beam was coming from a small device that was being held by an attractive women. She was with a man and the two looked very similar to each other, as if they were closely related. They were wearing an all-in-one skin tight suit that had a logo on the front. The "Aliens" were human looking and had blonde hair, but the witness wasn't sure if the hair was real.

Before he had a chance to engage in conversation the female "alien" said to him: We are on a peace mission and will do you no harm. The witness thought that these "Aliens were Telepathic / Mind readers because while he thinking of what to say the female alien would answer his questions before he had even asked them. The witness noticed that the strange Logo on their all-in-one suits was also present on the hovering UFO. The female alien asked the witness not to ever disclose the Logo design to anyone, to which he agreed. The aliens were described as blonde haired, white in colour, and actually spoke English.

The witness also claimed that at one point he felt an urge to make a sharp exit and get away from this situation but was unable to due to him feeling like he was paralysed. After a while a door opened on the UFO and both the male and female got on board the UFO then proceeded to take off and were gone in a flash. The witness was left quite traumatised from his ordeal and had trouble sleeping and felt rather sick. Both symptoms lasted a few days.

The witness did go to the Police with his alien encounter story and told them everything. They took his torch away for testing. After a while the tests concluded that the torch had been overcome with severe heat exposure which had melted it. The witness remained confused after the alien encounter, he wanted to know why the female alien had made such a point about him never revealing the design of the Logo on there clothing and UFO. He was never able to figure it out, but I suspect that they just wanted to remain anonymous. It's a strange story, and if true, it appears that the witness may have come into contact with a human looking alien race called the Pleiadians.

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