Alien Abduction Insurance

Yes, it does exist. Despite most of the worlds Governments and normal people who just don't believe in Aliens shrugging it off or choosing not to  take alien abductions seriously, a small fraction of the insurance industry will sure try to cash in on it. A few insurance companies do actually offer Alien Abduction Insurance.

I can't help but think that the person who is trying to make a claim after being abducted will have an uphill struggle on their hands trying to prove that they have been abducted by aliens. What's the most common sign of alien abduction that can not be disputed. Is there even one? Everyone has an opinion. Even the most credible UFO or Alien visitations have many sceptics. Some people think everything is fake no matter what it is. What if your insurance claim handler is one of those people who just don't believe aliens are real. So what evidence could sway the odds in your favour. Of course you have Alien implants, but in order to prove that an implant is actually extraterrestrial in origin it takes a lot of testing by professional laboratories. That isn't a free service. Who is going to pay for that service if those procedures are needed in order to prove beyond any doubt that the object is a real alien implant.

With an insurance claim I'm pretty sure the insurance company will want solid proof before they start paying out large sums of money. So testing would no doubt be needed. I think the insurance company would have a hard time paying up without absolute undeniable evidence of alien abduction. And even with excellent evidence, will they try to discredit it as unreliable or questionable. What if you are abducted by aliens and never return to earth. How do you tell your insurance company or prove to them that you have been abducted by aliens. Or does the case simply become a missing persons report and your family never get the payout..

There have been a few occasions however where the insurance company has payed out with an alien abduction claim. I would have loved to of seen what evidence was put forward in order to convince the insurance company that it was a genuine claim. An alien hybrid baby or alien pregnancy perhaps. But when is the last time you seen a story of a real alien baby that had solid evidence of being 100% real? If there has been one, or even a few, they are quickly brushed under the carpet and never heard of again. Do you have alien abduction insurance. Better still have you received a payout? I'm curious to see what others think about alien abduction insurance. Do you think it's a good idea, specially now in 2013 that more people are reporting being abducted. Should more insurance companys be offering this service as standard.


Anonymous said...

Like you said its so hard to prove

Anonymous said...

who in the right mind would do this..give the money to me instead of insurance company haha

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