A UFO In USA That Needs More Views

The person that filmed this footage of a strange UFO has captured some excellent clips over the years. It's a shame how a lot of the fake UFO clips have hundreds of thousands of views but the ones that could actually be something of significance don't have many views at all. This is a very strange sighting. It appears to show a bright UFO / Orb in mid air with other smaller shadow like orbs or entity's around it. After a while the brighter object seems to morph into another shape which is much darker. Perhaps the smaller Orbs become part of the bigger one? The camera man thinks that the smaller Orbs consumed the energy of the bigger, brighter UFO / Orb, which is very possible.

Video Credit: whotookmymojo

I truly think Who Took My Mojo is on to something here. I believe that his footage shows some sort of entity. Whether it's aliens from another planet somewhere in the universe or demonic entity's from another dimension that I don't know. I would love it if the person who captured this footage would place a motion sensitive camera in the day time at the actual location where this strange object appears to land. I'm pretty sure it's a regular spot where he has filmed this object over a number of years. If he could manage to do this we could get extremely close up footage which could possibly answer some of the many questions about this strange object that frequents that location in Oregon.

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