Chupacabra Corpse Found In Venezuela 2013

Not sure if this footage is new or old but it appears to show a dead Chupacabra. Check out it's jaw and teeth. If this is a genuine photograph and it is a real Chupacabra what an exciting find this is. Of course, it could be fake, that's always a possibility. The picture was said to have been taken by Oil workers who were in the jungle. They left the corpse where it was and carried on about their day so the animal apparently hasn't yet been recovered. The situation could well have changed as I write this and it could now be in a lab somewhere.

Venezuela has been a hot bed for Chupacabra sightings and activity for many years so the chances are quite high that this could be a real dead Chupacabra.

Now maybe testing can take place on this strange animal to prove what type of genes and DNA it has. Story's have been circulating for years. Some people think the Chupacabra is a cross breed of two different Earth dwelling animals while other are convinced that the Chupacabra is of an extraterrestrial origin. Hopefully we will soon find out the truth. Is this a real Chupacabra? Or just a dead Lizard type animal?. Some people think this is a dead Komodo Dragon but have you seen the jaw of a Komodo Dragon.. It is nothing like this.


Deuce said...

scientists are baffled by this

Anonymous said...

Weeeiirrrd world we live in

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