By: Carles Esquerda, Alcione Association

Have you ever wondered about extraterrestrial civilizations? What do you think about the UFO phenomenon? There is no doubt that this is a controversial issue and that there are many theories about that matter.

On the one hand, there are countless witnesses who have interacted with superior intelligences from outer space. On the other hand, sceptics claim that there is no clear proof of the existence of such alien beings. At the end of the day, you will have to decide whether to believe or not, unless you decide to experience by yourself.

Some authors have talked about aliens from their own experience and based on evidence only. One of them was V.M. Rabolu, a researcher who enjoyed the faculties of the Awakened Consciousness.

In his book entitled `Hercolubus or Red Planet´ V.M. Rabolu states that extraterrestrials beings are watching over us; they are ready and prepared to help humanity before our planet undergoes dramatic changes at geological and climatic level.

The author gives a detailed account of the way extraterrestrials live on their planets. We have picked out the next paragraphs from his book `Hercolubus or Red Planet´:

"I have had contact with extraterrestrials many times. I have been to Venus and Mars by consciously travelling in my Astral Body and can bear witness to these marvellous inhabitants. I cannot find words to describe their wisdom, their culture and the angelic life that they live."

"When you think of asking them a question they answer, without you needing to move your lips, in whichever language it may be, as they speak all languages perfectly. They have the Gift of Languages."

"All interplanetary spaceships move with solar energy. They are made from a material which does not exist here and which is resistant to bullets and to everything. They are made in one piece and have no soldered joints or rivets."

"The interplanetary spaceships of the extraterrestrials are ready and prepared to take off and rescue all those people who work according to the formula that is given in this book. They know, so it is not necessary to call them because they know us inside out. When the time comes the rescue will take place in these ships."

V.M. Rabolu explains in his book some techniques to astral project so that we can experience by ourselves what he is telling. He also shows the way to awaken consciousness, which is an internal work that nobody can do for us.

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