UFO Rods Seen In Wiltshire, UK 2013

Strange video footage from Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, UK of what appears to be UFO Rods. The reason I'm calling them UFOs is because technically they are Unidentified Flying Objects. That doesn't necessarily mean they are aliens from another planet. They are however an unknown phenomenon. No one knows exactly what they are. Some people call them Sky Fish and think they could be an undiscovered animal species that no one has been able to bring to light.

Video Credit: Crop Circle Wisdom

The camera recording the footage is using Infra Red Technology. Other people all over the world who have spotted UFO Rods with Cameras or Camcorders have either used Infra Red or another form of night vision. Some Rods have also been spotted using a very slow Shutter Speed. As you can see in this footage, the people in the clip are totally unaware of what is flying past them, so it's very possible that these Rods are invisible to the naked eye. What do you think they are?

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