Spring Heeled Jack Terror Of London

Spring Heeled Jack first came to light in Eighteen hundreds London. He prowled the streets and surrounding areas in the dark of night looking to pounce on an unsuspecting victim. He was renowned for jumping and leaping impossible heights and distances either when running or from a standing start. Hence the name, Spring Heeled Jack. Witnesses reported that Spring Heeled Jacks eyes glowed red and he could belch flames from his mouth. A terrifying figure to come fact to  face with. After his confrontations or attacks on his terrified victims he would skip away giggling and laughing. He was active for over 70 years in London and also spotted in many other places all over Britain. Then one day in 1907 some men managed to corner Spring Heeled Jack and it looked certain that he was finally going to be caught, but to everyone's amazement he vanished into thin air before there very eyes. Check out the excellent mini documentary about Spring Heeled Jack below.

It's a great story that many people dismiss as being a myth, an old wives tale that used to put the frighteners up women, children, and men a like. As much as people shrug it off today, this was a serious issue at the time it was all happening. And no matter what or who Spring Heeled Jack really was, a man dressing up and playing a sick prank or a genuine demonic being from another dimension, some people actually died at the hands of this strange phenomenon or deranged person. One girl was also left blind. I don't know what could be more serious then that. Also, if Spring Heeled Jack was a normal man playing a prank then how the hell did he vanish without a trace when cornered..

And how did he perform such high jumps and leaps, impossible for a normal human being to complete. Some people say he wore some kind of springs on his feet. But would any springs available at that time really be so effective that they could be used in real time like that. To escape capture or fled the scene of an attack. It's like a robber wearing a pair of motorcycle springs on his feet to make his get away! I'm pretty sure he'd be much better off without them. I don't know of any contraption, even today, that can provide the level of effectiveness in a real life situation that Spring Heeled Jack demonstrated, let alone in the 1800's. Definitely a strange story, a story that even today, hundreds of years later still remains unexplained. One things certain though. Spring Heeled Jack is the Undisputed Champion and inventor of Parkour.!

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