The Pig Man Of Cannock Chase, UK

It all seems a little far fetched. Specially because of the appearance of the strange "creature", or thing, whatever you want to call it. This story is not the usual sighting of a UFO or an alien encounter in the middle of the night, but of a humanoid hybrid type creature which is said to be half man-half pig. Witnesses have claimed that everything about this strange creature is totally human looking, everything except the head and face. It's head is supposed to be too big for it's body and the creatures face was very similar to a pig. The most notable features being it's big pig like nose and elongated facial features.

This story first started around 70 years ago and has recently come back into the spotlight due to recent sightings of the creature in 2013. Some people say that the whole story is a rumour that was created 70 years ago by the military in order to keep people away from areas where the military were operating. But if this was just a made up story then why are we getting recent sightings..Is someone dressing up as a prank in order to keep the story alive and create mystery and fear in the area. A publicity stunt..

If the creature is real and there are sightings going back as far as 70 years ago surely the creature would have died by now? Well, sightings are happening in 2013 so perhaps there is more then one of these creatures. Or maybe it's not from Earth and has a much longer lifespan, perhaps even a government experiment gone wrong. Who knows for sure. The most Recent witnesses of this strange creature have said the Pig-Man was very tall, dressed in trousers and a blazer jacket with nothing on underneath the jacket, and made a very high pitched squeel as they were making there way back to their car feeling quite scared.

Not the type of thing you would want to encounter on a stroll through the woods on a summers day. Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, UK has been a hot bed for UFO and Paranormal activity over the years so maybe the authority's should consider sending out a search party to see if they can locate this creature and put the story to rest once and for all. Is it real or is it not. All of the witness accounts of the Pig-Man have been documented in a book by Lee Brickley called UFOs, Werewolves and the Pig-Man, which is available to buy on Amazon (See the picture above for the cover).


Anonymous said...

i saw strange person smiling to me

dfv said...

Going looking for this pighead tonight. Hes getting cooked. Need a good dinner

Dee said...

Get the police helicopter to search over the area using it's heat seeking equipment. Shouldn't be that hard to find a pig man.

Anonymous said...

his hairy chest lmao

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