Crazy UFO Spotted In Russia 2013

Here we have what appears to be a dark coloured UFO hovering over a farmers field. What interest does it have in this area. Crop Circles..Who knows. If you look closely at the UFO you can see what seems to be a heat source dispersing from the top, bottom, and occasionally the sides of the object. What makes this UFO Sighting so strange and unique is that the UFO, at times, seems to be bouncing up and down.. Never seen a UFO do that before. It looks like a bouncing basketball floating in mid-air!

The way it bounces up and down makes it look like it's not a solid object. Analyse as it moves and you can see that it's flexible. Could this be a dark coloured Orb? As good as this clip looks, and it does look genuine enough, we have to remember how easy it is to fake a UFO sighting these days. So the question has to be asked, Real or Fake? You decide.


Anonymous said...

Can someone translate what the man is sayin

Anonymous said...

unrelated but billy meier is the biggest fraud the ufo community has ever seen. all his pictures were fake. watched a documentary on him. wow how can anyone follow him like hes really met aliens..plain faced lies lmao

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