UFOs Aliens Breeding And Whats To Come

Post sent in by the one and only, Jerry Eugene Biddle

I have read numerous stories about strange animals and aliens, and other things not normal to the planet earth. What I have come up with. I have studied the subject of paranormal mainly the subject of UFO/aliens for 60 some years now. I have been on several radio stations in the city of Des Moines, Iowa one having 50k watts WHO talking about UFO's/aliens. I taught a course back in the middle of the 1970's at the DSM Community College on UFO/aliens. I have been in several article from readers again in the past of those UFO Magazines, some of them called Flying Saucer Magazines. I have talked to the late Betty Hill, Major Donald Keyhole, etc.

I also study the Bible looking for things that are history and the ways and how comes. Noah's arch why? Because of several reasons, one the people in those days didn't regard human life enough meaning kill first then take what you want. Also, the falling angels off springs were doing things that we see today. What I have reference to half human half animal. You can see photos of things in old writings in books depicting times before BC, etc.

God who we could call Elohim, He doesn't approve of this mixing animals with humans and thus creating some type of being not in the best interest of humans and too other animals. This is what I have gathered in what I have read studied etc, with the reptilians. They abduct humans mainly children for food and too doing weird things that again is against nature or God's laws on things. Some say we're living in interesting times. I wonder about this one. I do know that some thing in the very near future is in the making! This is why so many UFO's and aliens are seen more now then we'll say 40 years ago. Also weather is changed also, tornado's are very numerous and so are other things! At this rate if things wouldn't change humans and earth as we know it wouldn't be here 25 years from now! Things have to change, I believe for the most part good aliens (UFO) are here doing things for the better-ment of mankind. A war if you please! Just watch, look and listen of course!

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