Are Flying Serpents Alien UFOs

There has been much debate over the years about whether these "Flying Serpents" are actually another form of UFOs. Flying Serpents just look like a piece of thick reflective rope or wick gliding across the sky, they don't seem to be under intelligent control. Could they be some sort of weather reaction, possibly the after effect, energy build-up, from a Thunder Storm or left overs from a Tornado? Could Flying Serpents be space debris that has somehow found it's way into the Earths atmosphere. No one seems to know for sure if they are something that is naturally occurring on Earth or if they are in fact of extraterrestrial origin.

One thing we do know is that they have been mentioned in ancient texts dating as far back as the Book of Isaiah, and the Mayan civilisation also talked about Flying Serpents. Were the Mayans even talking about the same thing that we class as a Flying Serpent today. Or something completely different.

Here is a picture of a Flying Serpent taken in December 2003. The person that took the photograph was on a plane flying from Los Angeles to Singapore.


Anonymous said...

looks like a grafiti letter E

Anonymous said...

Flying Serpents...

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