UFO Fleet Seen Leaving The Moon 2012

A fleet of UFOs were seen leaving the Moon on 15th September 2012. Ever since the Moon landings in the 1960s and early 1970s there has been many story's reporting  UFO sightings on the Moon. Mostly these Moon sightings were from Astronauts and Amateur Astronomers. However, strange sightings on the Moons surface didn't start in the 60s and 70s, they have been going on for far longer. Dating as far back as the year 1540.

Video Credit: r3alw0rld

It looks like the fleet UFOs leave from a Crater on the Moon and all head out in the same direction of space. No one knows for sure what's going on. Are UFOs and Aliens using the Moon as a stop off point before travelling to another location. Or is it their home. There have been many reports of strange "artificial" structures on the Moon. Most of which were not there before, or even some that have come from nowhere and then vanish after a few months.

In order to find out for definite what's going on up there maybe we the people should fund our own trip to the moon and take look in this crater where the UFOs came out from. Now that would be interesting.

UFO Footage September 2012

Great UFO footage from September 2012. The first UFO is the most interesting. First it has the appearance of a strange plane type aircraft but quickly changes shape and formation into something unknown. Maybe this is proof that some UFOs are now using some sort of cloaking device that makes them look like planes in the sky, complete with flashing light and everything. No plane can change shape like the one captured in this footage. Could it be a government craft out on a test run?

Video Credit: Whotookmymojo

UFO Sighting At Bartley Green Reservoir

Hello 12VN, my friend told me about this website after I told him my story and how you share any weird encounters to do with UFOs, so I thought I'd send you mine, but I would prefer to remain anonymous. Basically my story is that I was walking past the rezza, which is what we call the reservoir in Bartley Green, Birmingham, and I saw these 3 lights in the sky, very far away in the distance. One was red and the other two white, and they made almost a triangle shape, like a plane does when you see it in the night sky which is why I barely gave it a second look because my first thoughts was that, its a plane. So I carried on walking, but as I walked, I noticed it just stayed in the same spot, not moving, it was a really eerie thing to see cause it just sat there in the sky, not making no sound or anything.

I took a picture too but i couldn't see anything on my phone because its very old and the lights were very small, anyway I walked on and I never really thought much of it, cause I'm not one to believe in UFOs and the paranormal or any of that stuff. Until I got home, it played on my mind a little and I became a bit confused, because I've been walking this route for the past 7 maybe 8 years and I've never seen a plane fly over that spot, because we're not near any airport and we're just not in the flight path, especially for a plane to be flying as low as this one (UFO) was. Anyway, I went back the next day to see if I could maybe see it again, but I saw nothing, and then the next day I walked the same way, nothing again, after a few days I just gave up not knowing what to think.

But about a month later, I saw it again, but this time the lights were much brighter and bigger and this time the red light was on the opposite side. It looked like it was pulsating and growing. It was much lower to the ground. It was pretty close to me. Not knowing what to do I tried to call my wife Joanne but I couldn't seem to get a signal, so I ran a little, for at least 2 - 3 minutes. I ran along the long road which covers the length of the reservoir, and when I got onto a main road and looked back, nothing was there. I feel like I'm going crazy because I cant really remember much more else except for the smell, this horrible metal kind of smell which I remember smelling in an old iron factory I worked at when I was younger. It was a horrible smell, which seemed to stay with me for the next few hours after, and even my wife said she could smell it off my jacket. Anyway I hope you can post this on your website so I can maybe hear some story's other people might have of the same sort, maybe in the same Birmingham area? Maybe somebody else has being seeing things in the past month? I'd love to know because I hate to feel so alone, like I'm the only one that seen it. Thanks.

Here, I have enclosed a picture from the Internet of the reservoir in the same spot where I saw the object.
Picture Credit: Martin Wilson

UFO Sphere Ejects Unknown Object 2012

Amazing UFO footage filmed on the 10th August 2012. Location: USA. This incredible footage shows a UFO eject an unknown object. The unknown object that was fired/ dispatched from the UFO appears to disappear before it falls out of view below the tree line..

As soon as the object vanishes look to the left of the UFO and watch in between the two trees at seconds 12 - 13 in the video. Also at seconds 42 - 43 (replayed). You will see a UFO fly past very fast heading towards the direction of the UFO Sphere. Is that the same object that was ejected from the UFO? Or another UFO altogether? Feel free to post your explanations, comments and opinions on this very rare footage.

Video Credit: Whotookmymojo

Woman Visited By Aliens In Birmingham

We have all read story's about humans being abducted by aliens and taken aboard UFOs for tests, strange experiments, and even sexual encounters. But what about when an "alien" pops round to your house to pay you a visit. These encounters are rare but have happened.

The case of a woman from the Aston area of Birmingham, UK is one story that certainly makes anything seem possible in terms of alien encounters.

In 1957 a mom named Cynthia Appleton claimed to have had suffered a missing time lapse in which she felt was an alien trying to contact her that went wrong. A few days after this apparent failed contact attempt Cynthia claimed that her living room was overcome by a strange electrical charged smoke that made the room misty and static. It was in this static charged atmosphere that a human looking alien seemed to emerge from the smoke and take form. Cynthia said the alien was a tall blond man, muscular in appearance. This human looking "alien" wore an all in one tight fitting jump suit and did not talk through his mouth but instead used telepathy to communicate with her.

The alien told Cynthia that she had no reason for alarm and that he came from a place called Gharnasvarn. The alien said that his people ( The Gharnasvarns) were keen to be allies with humans but it was hard because of humans violent methods. The alien not only used telepathy to communicate with Cynthia Appleton but also 3D images that he apparently made visible in mid-air.

Cynthia was paid a visit by this alien on more then one occasion. The second meeting started off much like the first, the alien appeared from a mist of statically charged smoke and was in Cynthia's once house again. Strangely enough, this was the last time the human looking alien arrived by such a strange method. He visited Cynthia a total of 8 times and for the 6 other times he arrived by car, knocking on the front door of Cynthia's house. Cynthia said when he started arriving by a more normal way he also changed his clothing from an all-in-one jump suit to an outdated suit and hat.

This alien started to reveal his knowledge to Cynthia, explaining various information which included how to cure cancer and the procedure to make a laser. Cynthia Appleton was just a normal mom, and she was confused as to why the alien had chose her out of the millions of people world wide to contact and convey secrets to. Why not contact someone higher up the chain? The alien said that Cynthia had the gift mentally, perhaps similar to Extrasensory perception and was one of the few that could be contacted. I guess this is similar to some "sensitive" people having the ability to see ghosts and some (most) people don't.

Cynthia Appleton was less then thrilled at being "chosen". In 1958 the alien confided in Cynthia that she would be having a baby that would belong to his race, The Gharnasvarns. The pair did not have an intimate relationship so Cynthia was shocked when she went to the doctors and was told she was in fact pregnant. It should be known that Cynthia was a married woman so it's not exactly impossible for her to become pregnant. She already had two children also. Artificial insemination is a possibility but was not the only strange detail about this pregnancy. The alien also knew intimate details of when the baby would be born (predicted to the correct day), and the baby's weight. How did the alien even know she was pregnant? The baby was also born with blond hair. Although it should be noted that Cynthia was herself blond haired and blue eyed.

Cynthia Appleton was interviewed by numerous professionals and all of them came to the same conclusion. She was an honest, stable, and sane woman. On one of the aliens visits to Cynthia he apparently burnt his hand and while Cynthia was cleaning the burn a piece of skin fell off. This piece of skin was kept by Cynthia and in turn was sent to university labs in Birmingham and Manchester for testing. Both labs were stumped. The skin sample could not be identified but it was agreed that the skin sample had more characteristics of something "animal like" than a humans skin.

What isn't clear is what became of the baby boy, who they called Matthew that was apparently conceived by some form of artificial alien insemination. Did Matthew end up with the Gharnasvarn aliens, or did he grow up to have a normal life on Earth totally unaware of the strange circumstances that surrounded his birth. Cynthia and family moved away from the area and were never tracked down.

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