UFO Footage From Myrtle Beach June 2012

Great UFO Sighting sent in by Jim. Youtube Channel: RaleighUFO

This video shows an unidentifiable object (actually 2) (they are not the NASS satellites) travelling in the sky passing behind what looks like a star. I'm trying to determine if the object actually did pass behind the "star" or if it was some abnormality from the nvgs. In this video you will see several other objects also travelling in the sky but I am most interested in the time period at 3:49 in the video when the object passes behind the apparent star. Also any comments on the number of objects seen in this video and how the twin objects appear to pull apart from each other and then get closer towards the end of the video... I would like to see if there is a way to enhance the video to get more detail and to determine if it actually did pass behind whatever that is.

I took this same video and cut/captured every instance these objects passed in front of "stars" during the 7 minutes for example and comparison to the 3:49 clip of passing behind and I cannot understand this. Here is that video also..

Dyatlov Pass Paranormal Incident

Watch the Dyatlov Pass Paranormal Incident Video

In 1959, in the Ural mountains, Russia, nine hikers were found dead in what can only be described as death under very suspicious circumstances. This is one of the most disturbing unexplained incidents ever reported. You may have noticed how this wasn't titled as a UFO related experience, that's because no one actually knows for sure whether what happened had anything to do with UFOs or aliens. However, investigators have drawn a blank to explain how some of the victims internal organs could be crushed without their being any external injury's. Some of the victims were thought to have died from hypothermia as there was no other explanation to how else they could have died. Other victims were left with injury's such as fractured skulls, crushed chests, one was missing a tongue, and some were completely radiated. What in the world could be capable of causing such horrifying deaths.

Orange spheres in the sky have been reported in the area for many years and some people won't go to Dyatlov Pass, nicknamed Mountain of the dead. Story's of what the orange spheres are range from Russian Intercontinental Missiles to real UFOs and aliens that are not friendly or at best unpredictable. Locals have said that they have seen the orange spheres many times and have managed to go about their daily lives without serious incident. There were reports from witnesses that seen orange spheres in the location where the nine hikers were camping on the night the strange incident took place.

Some people are convinced that this is the work of either UFOs and aliens, and even the mysterious Yeti or BigFoot. While others think there is a much more normal explanation. One theory is: An avalanche fell which made the team scramble to flee their tents in such a panic that rather then use the opening they cut open the tent from the inside to escape in a hurry. The strange internal injury's were the result of the falling avalanche. Hypothermia made the victims not killed in the avalanche take off their clothes (which can be a symptom of hypothermia) and they died as a result. The missing tongue from one of the victims was eaten by some type of animal..It sounds like a very good explanation. And who's to say that this isn't what happened.

However, how do the de-bunkers explain the orange spheres seen the same night in the area where the incident took place. What about the extremely high levels of radiation found on some of the victims body's and clothing. Is it possible that the victims suffered the side effects from being in the vicinity of where a Russian Intercontinental Missile was being tested. What about the unexplained internal injury's with no external damage, are these common injury's caused by an avalanche ..And if this was a simple case of an avalanche accident they why was there such a big cover up by Russian officials, and why was crucial evidence "lost". This evidence reportedly included an envelope found near some of the body's. This envelope went "missing" and has never been seen again since.

This case remains an unsolved mystery. Watch the video and make your own conclusions.

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