Strange Cloud UFO In Glendale June 2012

UFO Cloud Sighting Photograph 

Sent in by Jason H

An amazing capture. What is it. A UFO, something burning up in the sky, or something else? What is the square cornered rectangle shape directly above the bright glow in the cloud doing there...

This picture was taken in Glendale, Arizona on 06/28/2012. It appears to be a UFO cloud which formed out of the blue on a clear evening sky. Within minutes, the cloud faded away.

Strange UFO Sighting Lebanon Missouri

UFO sighting sent in by Jim from Raleigh, NC

Watch the video footage of this UFO Sighting.

At first glance your going to presume it's a commercial/military plane however as it gets closer you will notice the 4 very bright lights on each corner. These corner lights never move apart or get closer so they appear to be a fixed distance from each other. Some have speculated that this is a drone, or a few planes in close proximity of each other.

You may also noticed that the left wing tip (closest to the ground) never flashes. FAA regulations require that each wingtip have strobe light. Maybe it's burned out or not switched on for some reason... One thing that is strange is that the strobes flash right through or on-top of the fixed bright lights which is not common lighting for planes. Yes planes have landing lights, navigation lights etc but these lights just appear to be different than a normal plane light pattern. BTW there was no runway near by for this to be landing at.

If you can review the video slowly (1/16) of a frame per second or so from the beginning you will also notice that the strobe pattern changes from two blinks to three blinks for some reason.

If you adjust the contrast, colour, hue, saturation etc in the video you will see what I and others have noticed.. Leave your comments below. Is this a man made government craft, or something extraterrestrial?

UFO Sighting Over The Moon June 2012

UFO Sighting Over The Moon June 2012

This strange UFO was recently spotted drifting back and forth over the moon. It appears to be searching over the moons surface. The UFOs appearance is very similar to  the ones seen in 1996 when the tether owned by NASA broke and was surrounded by UFOs. It seems to be glowing or pulsating with energy and has a hole in the middle. Are we looking at a solid object here that is under some form of camouflage or does this object have no physical matter.. Some people think these types of UFOs could be critters that live in the upper atmosphere that we are yet to discover, while others are convinced they are some kind of spirit life forms. Let us know what you think.

Strange UFO Seen In Israel June 2012

A very strange UFO sighting from Israel. What is it? It looks like it could be a missile, or a burnt out meteor.. Whatever it is, it seems to be burning out in the Earths atmosphere and turning into a spiral shape for it's finishing blow out. Weird.

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