Is a Secret Base In Dulce New Mexico

Is There a Secret Base In Dulce New Mexico

Has there been a secret base in Dulce, New Mexico for many years? Many people believe so. This base is said to be housed inside a mountain which is miles wide in diameter. Many strange and unexplained things have happened in and around the Dulce area. Cattle mutilations, countless UFO sightings, Black Government looking helicopters patrolling the area, and a very high rate of missing people. Put all this together and it's safe to say, something strange is going on in Dulce, New Mexico.

The video below will give you the full story on the weird events past and present that have taken place. There are also witnesses who have come forward that claim to have worked inside this secret base and they say that in the Dulce base there are real aliens working along side humans. The video will explain all. Enjoy!

UFO Orb Spirit Sighting Germany 2012

UFO Orb Spirit Sighting Germany May 2012

Is it a UFO? Is it an Orb? Or is it even a spirit of some kind. More and more people are starting to believe that some of these glowing balls of light might actually be spirits. Their argument behind this theory is that these Orb like glowing balls seem to have no physical matter, but appear to be under intelligent control. Is the glowing ball under some sort of cloaking device which makes it look like it has no matter..No one seems to know for definite, and I guess no one will until we can either catch one of these things or find one unaware at ground level. This UFO Orb was spotted in Cologne, Germany. Incredible footage. This type of footage is becoming more widespread now then ever before. Are "They" revealing themselves more now on purpose or are people with video cameras more widespread and looking out for strange objects more in the skys..

Great UFO And Meteors Capture Video

Great UFO And Meteors Capture Video

The night skys in some areas of the world are full of activity! Here are some superb UFO and Meteor captures on video.

Most are Meteors but one or two looked like they came up from ground level and then zoomed off. The very bright ones. Never seen a meteor do that before. A very interesting and beautiful capture.

Alien Species Human Hybrids Pictures

Alien Species And Human Hybrids Pictures

How many different species of Aliens and human looking hybrids are out there? There is said to be around 57 different species. Some of these 57 species are very similar in appearance. For example, there are said to be many different types of grey aliens. Zeta Reticuli greys, Bellatrax greys, Orion Greys, Tall Greys, Brown/Orange Greys are a few alien grey species known to exist. Some people also class aliens like the Asari, Krogans, Salarians, Turians, Elcors, Hanar, Drell, Quarians and Vorcha aliens. But these aliens are related more to computer game characters then having actually been seen by abductee's. I hope I'm proven wrong..If you have seen one of these aliens in real life? Let me know.

This is by no means a full list of Alien and Hybrid species, but more of an insight into the possibility's of what's out there in the universe, and here on Earth. Here are some pictures of the different types of aliens and human hybrids.
Bellatrax Baby Grey Alien

Bellatrax Grey


Draconian Reptilian

Draconian Reptilians

Orion Grey Alien

Little is known about this alien species

The Tall Whites

Varginha Alien


Possible Baby Alien Hybrid

Brown/Orange Grey Alien

Brown/Orange Grey Alien

Orange Grey Alien

Orange Grey Alien

Orange Grey Alien

Mantis Alien


Pleiadians are believed to be our allies

Blue Arcturian Alien



Tall Grey Alien

Zeta Reticuli Grey Alien

Zeta Reticuli

Zeta Reticuli

UFOs Seen In The Upper Atmosphere

UFOs Seen In The Upper Atmosphere

Could this be solid evidence that something is out there, whether it's creatures we have yet to discover, that live in the upper atmosphere and are only visible under different spectrum's of light (infrared) or slow shutter speeds, and are invisible to the naked eye. Or are these strange objects intelligently controlled UFOs that have been flying over our heads without us knowing about it for many many years..

UFO Flashes Twice

I know that these sorts of UFOs have been captured on video before from places like NASA etc, but those videos were filmed in space, in which NASA claimed them to be space debris.. The guy that is filming these clips is just filming the sky above his head, and on a regular basis he is capturing these flying objects on video..He also says that these "UFOs" are visible with the naked eye, as well as under night vision mode. Whatever "they" are, it's definitely something that has not yet been fully explained.. I believe these objects could be some sort of intelligent creatures that we have not yet discovered, and probably never will unless we actually catch one..That's easier said then done.. Whatever you believe them to be, watch the videos and send me your comments or a possible explanation using the comments form below.

UFO Pulsates


Checkout this amazing footage of a UFO actually sending out some kind of energy pulse as it travels across the sky. Some people are saying this is a plane. I've never seen a plane pulsate before.

Huge Orb UFO Flying Across The Sky


UFO Powers Up Glowing Bright


Alien Abductions Storys And Experiences

Alien Abductions Storys And Experiences

Had an abduction experience?Are you one of the chosen few that have been abducted many times through out their lives..If you have had an alien abduction experience and want to share what the encounter was like please feel free to submit in your story and it will appear on this page.

From: Anonymous

I was thirteen and I had seen a bright orange light and it was spherical. I had first seen it from my living room door and I was curious not scared at all and walked out toward it. I don't remember anything after that. I woke up the next morning. Three weeks later I noticed a lump on the back of my neck, their was no entry wound so my doctor thought it was a cyst. He took out a metal oblong object. He was stunned. He never said anything, he put it in pheymeldhyde and gave it to me. I brought it home and put it on my dresser and it was gone a week later. I have no bad dreams or flash backs and I'm not scared of the whole situation.

I feel nothing bad was done to me but I don't really know. But who knows even my mom believes she was abducted the same time I was conceived. I know this is fixing ! to sound crazy and I have no proof but she said she felt this strong static around my when they handed me to her when I was born. Sounds weird I know. I've never told anyone.

From: Grant Scheeper

There are entities among us, 3 types that regulate life and who are in the process of protecting and preparing a safe passage for a number of DNA testee individuals to another world, as our world has been destroyed in the future.

They provided a time machine that will host 1900 individuals to another solar system. I have been there in the future. Time travel is possible. I experienced all this stuff and would like to know if there are others out there. I see and experience the future and have scars to show. I have dates and events and this has been going on for the past 39 years.

I hold a stable job and I'm very successful , but my knowledge is increasing everyday as I am trained in the art of knowing. All my knowledge is given to me by these entities. Studying or reading was never a problem because I never do , though I can read and write. I am also capable of understanding and speaking a number of languages that I was never taught or never enjoyed the presence of somebody talking it as I grew up in a place where only one language was spoken.

You can contact Grant if you have had a similar experience and want someone to talk to about it: Email:

From: Simon

I have been abducted since the age of 6 months old, I am now 51 years old. The beings I interact with most are what we in the UK call mantids and in the US mantis. I have never been hurt intentionally by them. Although I have had interaction with them from a very young age they waited until I was 10 or 11 years old before they gave me the choice to take the abductions and interactions with them to a more complex level, or get out of the programme - I agreed to get more involved with them. During 2010 I was abducted at least 3 times that I am aware of - so the interaction is pretty intense over a long part of my life time.

People often ask me are you scared? I answer in the early days, yes scared out of my life, but after all these years its all I really know, after all i have known them longer than my mother who is now dead, and longer than I have been with my wife - so you do get used to it all. I help abductees to overcome their fear, as most people never come to terms with it - if you have abductees who need help, tell them to get in touch with me - I don't charge and its confidential. All the best, Simon.

From: Anonymous

I was taken by aliens in 1985. I don't remember all that much about it, but what I do remember is being in a white room surrounded by aliens people call the greys. I was sitting down on a chair. Other then just the greys I seen a normal looking man in the room. He had blonde hair and blue eyes and wore an all in one blue suit that was tightly fitted to his body. He didn't talk to the greys but he was interacting with them.

He had something metal in his hand like a bowl that humans in the medical trade would be familiar with. I didn't feel worried or anything, it was like I was observing what they were doing and none of them were paying any attention to me. After a while of watching them I remember feeling drowsy and passing out. Next thing I woke up on top of a dirt mound roughly 5 miles from my house. Bear in mind, I only walked outside my house to put the rubbish bags out at 12 midnight and was abducted. When I woke on the hill it was 2pm the next day. Have not been left with any side effects or marks that I'm aware of. I'm reluctant to tell anyone what happened to me in case they think I'm nuts. I did tell a good friend once, he said he believed me, but tried to convince me that it never happened, the minds a powerful thing and I must of been dreaming. I laughed and said this was no dream.

Men In Black Are They Aliens

Men In Black

Men in black, also known as " The silencers" to some people, are known to visit homes of people to talk and even harass and intimidate them on there claims of seeing UFOs. Men in black are known to try and convince you that what you saw has a logical explanation. Men in black (MIB) are known to wear conventional black suits, white shirts and black ties. Many people that have had a visit from the MIB claim they looked quite uncomfortable, as if they were not used to wearing the clothes they were in. The clothes themselves seemed to be brand new in condition but were strangely old fashioned for the present time.

Other strange facts about the men in black include many people saying they had a strange surreal quality about them. Even their cars are said to be extremely brand new, but the actual car makes and models where quite dated ( mostly said to be a Cadillac in America, but never a new model ). Even the number plates of their cars, when checked where found to have never been issued. The clothes also were so dated that it would have been very hard to source them from a store or outlet.

The men in black are also said to be of a slightly foreign appearance, mainly oriental:, slanted eyes have been a trait talked about by many witnesses, heavily tanned skin is another thing many witnesses claim. Expressionless smiles have also been widely reported, as if they were possibly aliens that took on a human form. One person that had a visit from the men in black claimed the MIB that came to visit him were wearing bright lipstick!

The men in black are also known to have threatened with violence and many of the people that had a visit from MIB claim they did not appear human in many ways. Many people also report outdated speech, like that in the early gangster movies, also their clothing was very similar. Many of the threats also sounded like cliches that have been heard in the early movies, as if the MIB were using an outdated script of some kind.

Witnesses of UFOs or Aliens also claim that the MIB turned up too quickly after a UFO incident, it was just not possible for any authorities to have heard about the encounter so quickly yet the MIB were at their front door. Who are these people?

The government say they do not send anyone to visit people who have had a UFO or alien encounter, and when checks are carried out to try to find out what organisation these people came from, nothing has ever been found. It's like they are imposter's from another time and place, but why? Why would they try to convince people that what they saw was nothing out of the ordinary, specially if the MIB are not from any government organisation from earth.

The MIB are trying to hide something that's for sure. Doesn't that tell us that there really is such thing as UFOs and aliens? I think it does tell us there is something that most people do not understand. Possibly that most UFOs are actually demonic spirits / beings.Why try to convince people they didn't see a UFO if there is nothing to hide and no such thing.. Are they MIB demonic beings themselves that can shape shift into human form..Who knows for sure, but it certainly give us a lot to think about. The possibility's are interesting. I think ones things for sure, we know so very little about UFOs, Aliens, and Demons that anything really is possible in this Matrix we call the Universe..

Are Aliens On The Moon

Are Aliens On The Moon

Did you know? Since man first stepped foot on the moon in the 1960's, they have never physically been back there again since 1972..Why? NASA have never fully answered this question. But many experts believe that mankind in general, were warned off and told never to return to the lunar surface-by ALIENS. The moon is apparently crawling with UFOs and aliens. This was confirmed by NASA astronauts in the 1970's.

The Moon

Are there aliens on the moon? From all the reports made by NASA employees that were involved in the space missions, and the stacks of evidence gathered over the years, I would say without doubt there ARE aliens on the moon.

Many years ago, beams of light were seen inside the Clavius Crater  The Plato Crater has also had numerous reports made by astronomers that claimed to have seen orbs of light on the Crater. Even today there are regular reports made by astronomers of UFOs flying around the moon.

As far back as 1540, up to 1967 there were almost 600 reports from astronomers of strange events, strange lights, clouds, orbs, and other strange things seen on the moon, or flying over the moon. Operation moon blink, launched in 1965 to monitor the moon by using unmanned satellites to collect data, which included UFOs flying around the moon, and strange lights and structures on the moons surface.

NASA satellites have photographed many UFOs around the moon, also structures on the moon that look very artificial, and seemed to have just appeared from nowhere, such as The Tower, and The Shard.

Ex-NASA employee, Otto Binder accused NASA of censoring radio transmissions from the apollo astronauts so no one else heard what they were reporting back. They also used code names for UFOs. Otto Binder claimed that he heard an Apollo astronaut tell mission control that there were massive UFO spacecrafts parked on the moon, very near to the chosen landing site of Apollo 11.

 Buzz Aldrin Walking On The Moon. Photo credit: NASA

Another ex-NASA employee, Maurice Chatelain also claimed that just before the legendary moonwalk of Neil Armstrong, two UFOs were seen hovering above the Sea of Tranquility. Maurice Chatelain also claimed that astronauts reported seeing UFO spacecrafts sitting near a crater and observing the moonwalk of Neil Armstrong. Maurice Chatelain was the chief of NASA communication systems, one of the top guys for NASA, who had a seriously high level of security clearance. He was a NASA insider who even invented many of the radio and radar communication systems for the Apollo space missions. If Maurice Chatelain claims this is the truth and actually says it from his own mouth then I see no reason not to believe him. He is an impeccable witness that has been at the highest level within NASA, and able to talk freely to the top NASA officials.

Whatever warning the aliens gave to NASA it worked. This leads me to believe that NASA knew the type of fire power these aliens could unleash would most probably be capable of destroying the earth with ease, and that's the reason why they have never returned to the moon.

Whether aliens exist at all or not is not even worth asking anymore, they definitely exist. I think you would have to be very narrow minded, specially with all the evidence available. Just to mention a few, countless UFO sightings, alien abductions, cover ups, ancient paintings clearly showing UFOs & aliens, whistle blowers of the highest calibre, such as NASA employees, military personnel, police, astronauts, all coming forward and telling what they know. After all this, to believe that we are the only intelligent life form in this endless universe must take some serious denial of the facts.

Are there aliens on the moon?
Yes, I believe so. But everyones entitled to their own opinion. The information here is just a snippet of what is out there about aliens on the moon. Do more research, look at the facts, and make your own mind up as to whether you believe it to be true or not.

Do you have your own story or opinion about aliens on the moon. Let us know.

Aliens On The Moon Comments

From: Scot

This is the incident that drove me to hunt down websites with info such as yours. Two nights ago, Ocean City NJ, almost a full moon, I was sitting on my balcony staring at the moon and smoking a cig. A tiny light that of which is similar to the size and appearance of known satellites that orbit our planet, shot out from the top portion of the moon and faded into the dark sky as it moved along. It WAS not a satellite and its origin was the moon, bright enough to see with the naked eye but faint enough to go undetected if no one was looking at the moon at that very same moment which occurred and lasted for about 3 seconds. There was NO trail to evident a meteor. A tiny star like object shot out from the moon and simply disappeared.

Alien Abductions Sexual Encounter

Alien Abductions Sexual Encounter

This alien encounter took place in 1957, involving a man called Antonio Villas-Boas, a 23 year old Brazilian law student. Antonio claimed to have seen UFOs twice before the main event where he actually had a very close encounter with an alien of a sexual kind.

The first UFO sighting happened in the same year (1957), when Antonio and his brother seen a bright light shining down from the bedroom window of the family home close to Sao Francisco de Sales in Central Brazil. The family home was also a farm, where Antonio worked in order to pay his way through law school.

Antonio Villas Boas

The second UFO sighting happened a week after the first, Antonio was out working in the fields, and again he seen a bright light overhead, which was hovering above him in the field. As the light hovered away Antonio followed it in his tractor. This bright light was moving around so much and so fast that after a while Antonio gave up. This bright light was also said to have separated into 4-5 different beams, then bang, they all totally disappeared. Antonio's brother also seen this whole event.

The night after this very strange UFO sighting, Antonio was out in the tractor again in the fields, he claimed that all of a sudden, a red light was coming straight towards him, this time he was on his own. Antonio said the red light came so close that he could see there was an oval shaped craft attached to it, this craft also had 3 long legs, like a tripod in shape. This UFO landed, Antonio said he was frozen with fear, he attempted to drive away in the tractor but the tractor just totally died, no power at all.

Four aliens then climbed out of this UFO craft and grabbed him, they then forced him to get into the craft. The appearance of the aliens was they were around 5 feet tall, with big heads, much larger then a normal human head. When on board this strange alien craft Antonio was forced to strip. His body was then bathed in a strange liquid that had no smell, and no colour. The aliens were wearing strange Grey, all in one suits, gloves with five fingers, and helmets. The aliens communicated in a strange language that Antonio could not understand. They cut his skin and took samples of his blood.

After a while they left him alone, naked in a circular room. Fumes were pumped into this room, and it smelled horrible, and  this made Antonio throw up. He soon felt better when a naked alien female walked in. She looked human in appearance, about 4,7 feet tall, fair skin and high cheekbones. Her eyes were blue, but oriental in shape. Her face wide, with a thin chin, blond hair, which Antonio said had to be bleached blonde because the hair under her arm pits and pubic hair was bright red. Despite her quite strange appearance, Antonio became sexually excited.

Antonio said, she had the best body he had ever seen on a woman, high, perked breasts, narrow waist, broad hips, small feet and hands, and very petite. The alien woman made it very clear what she wanted, Antonio got very excited, holding her and responding to her 'come on'. She behaved like a normal woman in a sexual sense.

Apparently, Antonio had sexual intercourse with the alien female twice. The sex was pleasing, but Antonio said he would have preferred a real human woman because the alien female could not talk. she could not kiss either, and other then kiss, she playfully nibbled his chin, which he thought was probably the equivalent of kissing. Perhaps because he had been sick from the fumes pumped into the room, she was avoiding kissing him because of his sick breath!

The pair did have sex twice, but the female alien still took another sperm sample from Antonio and stored it in a test tube. before she departed the alien female rubbed her stomach and pointed up to the sky. Antonio thought that this meant she was going to have his baby, somewhere out there, not on this earth.

Antonio was convinced of what the whole encounter was all about, a human stud to provide good genes in order to improve their stock. Antonio was angry at the thought of this for ages, but then decided not to worry about it anymore. He had some enjoyment from the experience of having sex, but did go on to say the female alien almost spoilt the whole sexual moment at one stage because she was grunting and making noises like an animal.

After the sexual experience was over with the female alien, with  Antonio was still on the craft, he suddenly thought no one would believe his experience, so he tried to take an item from the craft, but being naked, having nowhere to hide it, he was quickly left empty handed. Before the craft left, Antonio was given a guided tour of the spacecraft, which he said was encased in a dome, and had a strange green light. After the tour the aliens took him to the exit and made it clear that he could go home. Once off the craft it shot off at break neck speed. His alien abduction sexual encounter had lasted for over 4 hours.

The only proof that this strange experience ever took place was that afterwards, Antonio felt sick, had bad headaches, burning eyes, sleep loss, and came out in strange wounds on his arms and legs that left scarring. The scars where the only lasting proof that this alien sexual encounter really took place.

Antonio Villas-Boas was not an attention seeker, he was not after any kind of way to profit from this encounter. Many people believed his story. Antonio visited a doctor that confirmed the scars on his body, and symptoms he described feeling after the encounter where from radiation exposure.

Antonio Villas-Boas died in 1990, he was a fully qualified lawyer that worked all his life in the legal profession, with a wife and four children. Many believe he would not, or had no reason to lie about his alien encounter. Personally I believe him.

Antonio Villas-Boas was contacted by the US Government  30 years before his death  to examine the remains of a crashed craft, many believed was from Roswell. 

Alien Abductions: Sexual Encounter No.2 ~In Brazil

This second alien abduction sexual encounter story also took place in Brazil, in the reigon of Botucatu. On the 29th of November, 1982, a 38 year old man by the name of Joao Valeiro Da Silva got up out of bed in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. While he was standing in the kitchen, Joao claimed he was hit by a huge stream of very strong light, which acted like a lift that placed him onboard a UFO. When Joao first boarded the UFO he said he was in a room filled with very strange looking beings. At this point a naked women walked up to him and touched his face, straight after this he passed out.

When morning came Joao was found asleep, naked on the kitchen floor, all his clothes were next to him placed on top of each other. Joao's body was teaming with weird marks, and there were also weird cuts on his private parts. Joao said these marks were not there before..

Do you have an explanation for this strange event?

Brazil UFO Abduction

Two people that were driving on a road next to the coast, close to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, claimed to have been abducted and taken onboard a UFO. Luli Oswald and Fauze Mehlen, said they were subjected to some very strange examination procedures. Stanger still, Luli and Fauze said that the huge UFO’s they saw actually came from out of the sea.

The car lost control and the pair claimed that the cars doors started opening and shutting by themselves. The pair, shaken after this ordeal, stopped for coffee at a nearby restaurant. This is where they discovered a two hour time loss had occurred. Someone in the restaurant told the shaken pair that someone he knew had been chased by a UFO on the same stretch of road.

Eager for answers, Luli Oswald went to a hypnotist called Silvio Lago. Under hypnosis Miss Oswald said she could see two UFO’s above the car and that she felt very sick. Luli claimed the car was being grabbed and held hostage. The car was then taken onboard a black UFO. Luli recalls these strange, grey “rat” looking aliens started to touch her all over, put tubes in her ear, and were pulling on her hair. Luli also said she could see Fauze Mehlen lying there unconscious on an examination table while these rat like aliens poked and prodded him with a strange light beam that smelt like sulphur.

The strangest, or most alarming thing about this abduction is that Luli Oswald said she actually talked to one of these aliens and it said: We (the aliens) came from Antarctica. There is a tunnel which travels under the South Pole, and that’s why you seen us coming out from the water.

There has been talk of some kind of alien underground tunnel system on the earth for many years. Could this mean that aliens are living underground in some sort of base or underground city. Or, quite possibly living in the deepest parts of the sea where man hasn’t yet been able to explore.



Chupacabra is Spanish for the term chupar: to suck cabra: goat; goat sucker.

Much mystery surrounds this creature. Was it real at all? This animal belongs to the criptids family.

Many reports but never proven scientifically, despite the large number of reported cryptids, most have not been proven, and many have been debunked through thorough scientific investigation by both cryptozoologists and zoologists. The first reported sighting of the strange creature was in 1995 , and was last spotted in 2008! This animal is known for killing livestock by sucking their blood. Even as far as Russia have had cases of this. In one case, as many as 30 Sheep sucked dry for all their blood. Said to be dog like or reptile looking in appearance by some witnesses, while others have said it looked like no dog they had ever seen. The Chupacabra is known to hiss and screech when alarmed, When it screeches, some reports note that the chupacabra's eyes glow an unusual red, that gives the eye witnesses nausea. Not something you want to encounter when walking home from the pub late at night.

Chupacabra? Or some other strange creature..Does anyone know more about this picture?

The Chupacabra is also known to change colours like a chameleon. He is also known to fly or leap over twenty feet in a single jump according to some witnesses. He has shown intelligent behaviour and possesses some impressive skills of remaining undetectable. These skills have presumably helped them to escape captivity and avoid instances of close contact with people. Unlucky for the one pictured below. Hit by a car.

Dead Chupacabra? Or just a Xoloitzcuintli "Mexican hairless"Dog?

 Chupacabra Sighting In Tuscon, AZ 2012? Take a look

Much speculation surrounds the Chupacabra. Almost all sightings differ in appearance. Many people believe the Chupacabra is a combination of dog and another animal, such as a Coyote, but other reports have said the Chupacabra was the size of a man. The Chupacabra remains a mystery.

The Chupacabra

The Chupacabra is an animal that is said to not be known to human science, and is systemically killing animals in places like Puerto Rico, Miami, Nicaragua, Chile, and Mexico. The "things" name originated with the discovery of some dead goats in Puerto Rico with puncture wounds in their necks and their blood said to be drained. According to UFO Magazine there have been more than 2,000 reported cases of animal mutilations in Puerto Rico attributed to the chupacabra.

The authorities in Puerto Rico state that the attacks could be from stray dogs or bigger, more exotic animals like the panther. They have also said it could be a human that belongs to a religious cult. I sense a cover up here.

I think the chupacabra is a cross of two animals.

The genetic analysis has revealed that the blood is no way compatible with human blood or with any animal species known to science in our world!. The traces ratio of magnesium, phosphorous, calcium and potassium are incompatible with those of normal human blood, they are much too high. The albumen/glouline [RG ratio] was also incompatible. The ratios found do not allow the results of the analysis to be compatible with those of any known animal species.

At the moment, we can't place the sample with any organism with our earth. So it could well be the product of a highly sophisticated genetic manipulation, an organism alien to our own environment or perhaps extraterrestrial.

Chupacabra Sighting Storys And Comments

From: Abu kassim Adam

In 1988, then I was 10-11 yrs. We were in our home town southwest of Nigeria, Edo state 4 a one year stay. It bout this chupacabra. . . It attack live stock but nobody seem to know what it was. I've neva seen it though if not for today 12th feb 2011 on this site. But then we use to see its foot prints, not very big but horrible from how it looks on the ground. It kills dogs too. I believe its the chupacabra from the details here on this site. It operates from 12am till dawn. Some said they saw it then. But i neva did. I search on google image today for "animal that attacks goats and dog" I saw the dead one shot in kentucky. The claws from the picture is the same with the footprint we use to see on the ground in 1988. That thing destroys. We call it 'the spirit' in our language cos of the way it operates. . .!

From: Jono

I don't think any picture or video on this website and on most of the Internet are the real Chupacabra. Most of the footage and photos out there are of a dog like animal. It's meant to be much bigger then that. Like the size of a man on four legs. Then again I could be wrong. And if it's a cross between a dog and a Coyote then why does it have no hair? And why was it's blood tested by labs (written on this page) and found to be extraterrestrial? Dog and Coyote aren't from space..Strange.

Chupacabra News

A Woman that claims to have seen a Chupacabra mauling a domestic animal has said the strange creature looked similar to a Kangaroo with huge teeth and bright red eyes.

The strange storys of the Chupacabra, or a blood sucker, started in Puerto-Rico mountains in 1995. Some unknown creature was killing cattle in the town of Canovanas and its outer areas by sucking all of their blood. When farmers found dead animals it turned out they had been drained of all their blood. It seemed as if their blood had been sucked out through one or two tiny fang wounds. A local veterinary examined a few dead animals and came to the conclusion that the wounds,which were of a straw diameter and from three to five inches long were from fangs. The deaths of domestic animals were really strange and spread panic over the area in late 1995.

Another eyewitness from Canovanas, Misael Negron, said the creature was “near four feet high. It had Rhino skin, bright red eyes of a huge size, long fang-like teeth and thorns on the back of the head and all along the back.” The strange creature attacked the man's goat. Similar incidents occurred to many other citizens of the area.

In November, word about the strange creature spread outside Puerto-Rico. Luis Guadalupe described the beast as “ugly as a demon and flying in the air.” The man also added that the strange creature had a pointed tongue like that of a snake. What was this strange creature? Some people said domesticated animals were attacked by wild dogs, vampires or even a devil. Other people believe it was an extraterrestrial being, not of this earth.

Puerto-Rico has been the center of UFO sightings for a very long time. It was rumored about USA's secret army bases and strange lights in the sky. What was happening in Puerto-Rico? Is it just a coincidence that Aresibo observatory is situated in the northern part of the island? One thing is for sure that storys and fears will be spreading world wide until the strange mystery is fully solved.

Some witnesses have said that they could smell sulfur when the Chupacabra was present. Eyewitness Madelyne Tolentino said: “The strange creature was jumping like a kangaroo, and it smelled like sulfur.” In some claims the creature demonstrated its supernatural strength. People said that once it pulled down a heavy metal gate of 16 to 14 feet in size to get to the lock up where animals were kept. It was supposed that the smell of the strange creature was possibly the instrument making animals motionless so the Chupacabra could suck them dry.

In some cases not only animals but even people fell prey to this strange creature. Angel Pulido from Jalisco confessed he had been bitten by a strange creature “resembling a giant bat looking like a witch.” In Mexico, Teodora Reyes showed marks supposedly left by Chupacabra's claws.

Up to date information about the Chupacabra came from California, Texas, Miami and Baja California. The strange creature was spotted many times in Mexico as well. One of the first attacks committed by the Chupacabra was registered in Tucson, Arizona, where the strange creature attacked Billy Nubian's two goats. The man described the beast as a huge rat-like creature that cried out a chilling shriek when detected and scarpered away.

A dog with two marks similar to needle pricks on the neck was found in Baja California. from today, it is the only report about the Chupacabra that has been received from Baja California. Sixty-nine animals were killed overnight in Miami. The animals belonged to two farming families living in Sweetwater who appeared on TV to say that it had been Chupacabra's evil work. Some horrible killings also happened in Panama. Daisy Arauz said the strange creatue killed their dog. More reports about dead animals with fang marks on their necks also comes from the countryside.

A rancher from the South Texas town of Cuero is telling a chupacabra tale, and she says she has the evidence in her freezer. 

Phylis Canion says the animal had been lurking around her ranch for years.

She said it first snatched cats, then chickens right through a wire cage.

“[It] opened it, reached in pulled the chicken head out, sucked all the blood out, left the chicken in the cage,” she said.

Canion says two dozen chickens were sucked dry. The meat, she says, was left on the bone.

Neighbours speculate the blue-colored animal that was doing all that damage was a chupacabra. The name is translated from Spanish and means goat-sucker because the creature sucks the blood of livestock.

Canion says not one, but three chupacabras were spotted outside the town in recent days. All of them, she says, were blue-skinned, had no hair and had strange teeth.

Although Canion and her neighbours feel she captured a chupacabra, others -- like State Mammalogist John Young -- say she captured a grey fox.

“When mange goes untreated it causes this type of reaction. they start to itch, lose all their hair, blue grey coloration. and the animal usually dies from it,” he said.

It wasn’t mange, but a car that killed the creature that Canion captured.

“There have been so many stories for so long. The chupacabra is a mythical thing and maybe it is, but this is something…a cross between something. What? I don’t know, I’d love to find out,” she said.

So, KENS-TV took samples of the creature and sent it off for DNA testing. Those results are due.

Meanwhile, the creature’s head, which is in Canion’s freezer, will go on her home’s wall.

“This one hands down will draw the most attention. Because they’re gonna say you got zebras, you got this, you got that, what is this thing here? That’s what we call the South Texas taz devil," she said.


Moth Man

Mothman, described as half-man, half-bird and said to be one of the most terrifying creatures ever to walk the earth. Point Pleasant in West Virginia was a scary place to be in the 1960's.

Said to be the size of a big man 6ft plus with wings. Several people have seen this creature. It is said that moth man played a part in the collapse of Silver Bridge which killed 46 people (though that has never been proven). He has also been linked to quite a few other world wide tragedy's-but never proven.

Mothman was said to of been one of the most scariest creatures ever to prowl the earth. Mothman was most active in Point Pleasant, West Virginia in the 1960's, where many people claim to have seen Mothman, which was said by witnesses to be the size of a big man with wings and red eyes.

Five men working in a graveyard reportedly seen a large brown creature flew over their heads from a nearby bunch of trees.

Not long after (days) two couples driving past an abandoned munitions plant (left over from World War II) when they allegedly seen something shaped like a man, but said to be huge, 7 feet tall with huge eyes and what appeared to be wings folded on its back. They got away, or they thought. It chased after them as they made their get away in the car!

Over that same week many sightings were reported. The press got to hear about this and a legend was born. A writer named John Keel went to the Point Pleasant area in December and started gathering information about the strange goings- on. He went on to write the book The Mothman Prophecies. Then the film was made years later starring Richard Geer.

The amount of sightings of the mothman became so widespread that many people really do believe that the moth man was real. Sightings lasted about a year at Point Pleasant, then all of a sudden stopped. which baffled many people searching for the answer to what this thing was. Whatever it was it was scary as hell. And if it's not in Point Pleasant anymore..Where is it stalking now, if still alive...I'm sure that if it had died, wouldn't someone of found the remains by now? Maybe it was not from this earth.. We may never know. But I believe in one thing, and that is, this thing, whatever it was - did exist.

Mothman Statue

The video below is an interview with Marcella Bennet. She actually had a scary encounter with the Mothman in 1966. Marcella is just one of the people to see the Mothman first hand. Imagine how scared you would be coming face to face with a creature like the Mothman, and it's staring straight at YOU!

A Great video below of the mothman. This interesting video tells the story of the mothman from start to finish. This video asks, what was the mothman, and why did the mothman sightings suddenly end in Point Pleasant after the collapse of the Silver Bridge, which killed 46 people.

Video Credit: Mysterious Planet

UFO Pictures

UFO Pictures

The UFO picture above was taken in Russia. A UFO was sighted and claimed to have come down in the forest area. There has been much speculation regarding this UFO picture, first is the position of the UFO, from that position it must have come down almost totally vertical. Also the angle, if it came down any other way then vertical it's the wrong way round, why is there no damage to the trees, from the position the UFO is embedded in the ground some of those trees should be broke. Could it be a hoax or is it a real UFO..What do you think?

This is a very interesting UFO picture. You can clearly see a fighter jet of some sort checking out the UFO. This proves, in my opinion, to a high degree, that this UFO was detected on radar and the military sent a jet to check it out, either that or the UFO was following the jet. Whatever way round it was the guy flying that jet seen a UFO, I wonder if he ever reported it. Hats off to the person that took this rare picture, great job!

This UFO was seen in 1943 in Japan. Clearly there is something shaped like a ball behind this aircraft. Many objects similar to this were spotted by pilots from many other country's including, England, USA and Germany, during the 1940's. In particular, during the Second World War.

This UFO was spotted in 1956 in Rosetta Natal, South Africa. A very strange oval metallic object that has all the makings of a UFO. It just goes to show how far ahead they are compared to us with technology.

 In my opinion, the UFO above is a government craft on a test run. It was spotted in 1951 in Lubock, Texas, USA. These triangular shaped UFOs have been seen many times in more recent years.

This extremely low flying UFO was seen in 1967 in Zanesville, Ohio, USA. It's the classic "German Helmet", or "Flying Saucer" shaped UFO. An excellent picture.

 Whoever took this UFO picture seems to be pretty close or they have a very good camera, but as this picture is from the 1960's I would say they were fairly close. The picture taker said this UFO stayed in the same position for quite sometime then wooshed off at high speed. Wasn't this picture from one of Billy Meier's UFO encounters?

What a great UFO picture, this was taken in America by a paper boy doing his delivery's, not sure where he got the camera, I guess he had it with him, very fortunate.

Ancient UFO Paintings and Pictures


This video of ancient UFO pictures and paintings proves that we have been getting visits from UFOs and aliens since time began. Check out one of the pictures in the video that has what looks like an old fashioned UFO. In my opinion this shows that UFOs and aliens have evolved technology wise throughout the years, just like we have on earth.

Unexplained Mysteries Otzi the Iceman

Unexplained Mysteries: Otzi the Iceman

Ötzi the Iceman was found in the Schnalstal glacier in the Ötztal Alps in 1991 by two German Tourists. Ötzi the Iceman was said to be preserved in ice, in the Alps for 5,300 years!. The body of Ötzi the Iceman was very well preserved, this was because it was mostly covered with ice.

This is a big mystery on it's own, finding a body thousands of years old, which after deep scientific analysis showed many signs that Ötzi the Iceman was actually murdered. Ötzi the Iceman had cuts to his hands, wrists and chest. He also had an arrow head lodged in his shoulder and signs of a big blow to the head. So he was killed, but for what? Well, some experts believe he was killed in a ritual sacrifice.

But there is a more stranger mystery surrounding Ötzi the Iceman in my opinion. This is the theory that Ötzi the Iceman was cursed. Seven of the main people involved with the discovery of Ötzi the Iceman died under strange incidents. Four of the seven died from bad accidents.

Here is the list of all the people who have died, allegedly from the Ötzi the Iceman curse.

1. Dr. Rainer Henn, Aged 64: Dr. Henn was a forensic pathologist, and was the first to die allegedly from the Ötzi the Iceman curse. Dr. Henn was said to have held the cadaver (The dead body), wearing no gloves or protection in order to place it in a body bag. He died in a car crash, after a front end smash with another car on his way to a conference where he was going to suggest new ways and methods to study Ötzi the Iceman.

2. Kurt Fritz: Not long after Dr. Henn died, this was the second alleged victim of the curse. This guy was an expert rock and mountain climber, who guided the team to the discovery of Ötzi the Iceman. He was the only person hit by falling rocks when a freak avalanche took place in an area that he was well known to visit, so he knew it well.

3. Rainer Hoelzl, Aged 47: An Austrian press reporter that filmed the real footage of Ötzi the Icemans removal out of the ice, where he had lay for thousands of years undiscovered. This footage was shown world wide. Not long after this he started to suffer from a strange illness, allegedly a brain tumor. Rainer Hoelzl died of this illness not long after and was said to of been in extreme agony.

4. Helmut Simon, Aged 67: Helmut was a German tourist. This man, who was with his wife at the time, were the people that actually found Ötzi the Iceman in 1991. Helmut was back in the area where he found the iceman for a hike in 2004, he went on this hike alone, and when he did not come back when he said he would people became concerned. A search team went out to search  for Helmut, they became aware that a freak change of weather, from dry to blizzard snow had been responsible Helmut to fall down a very deep ravine. After just over a week Helmuts body was found, cased in snow, very similar to how Ötzi the Iceman was found.

5. Dieter Warnecke, Aged 45: Dieter was in charge of the search team that searched for, and found Helmut. Dieter died of a heart attack, but his family said he was a very healthy man with no medical conditions. The strange thing about this death is that it happened not even an hour after Helmut was buried. Maybe the curse wanted Helmut not to be found and stay buried in ice for thousands of years just like Ötzi the Iceman ..

6. Konrad Spindler, Aged 66: Konrad was the main man, the most knowledgable on studys into Ötzi the iceman. Konrad did have a chronic illness amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. In 2005 this condition became much worse and in the end he died because of it. While he was alive he was asked about the curse and he noted as beleiving it was a load of speculation, not true at all. This is what Konrad actually said, and I quote: “I think it’s a load of rubbish. It is all a media hype. The next thing you will be saying I will be next.”

7. Dr. Tom Loy, Aged 63: Died just before finishing the book he wrote about Ötzi the iceman. He was known to have spent long periods of time near the iceman, maybe even handling the body, or items found with it. Tom's death was a shock to many friends and family, but it was alleged he had some sort of on-going medical illness, which may have been the cause of his death.

It should be noted, there were, and still are today, many people that work with the Iceman.  People that were involved with removing the body, analysing the body and artifacts found with it. So could this just be a coincidence. Obviously, it's not surprising that some people (seven out of hundreds) would have died, it's human nature. But from what you have read above regarding the deaths of these seven men, you have to decide wether there really was a 'curse' or not. Personally I think there probably was something strange about the way these men died. To know for sure or not still remains a mystery. Send a comment or possible explanation.

I Seen A UFO Hovering On 14th May 2012

I Seen A UFO Hovering On 14th May 2012 - UFO Sighting Story

I was trying to get to sleep but I couldn’t. I have been in a bad routine for about a year, not going to bed until 4 or 5am. But after putting in some effort I ended up getting a job. I was happy at getting the job but knew I would have a hard time for a week or two adjusting to a normal routine. So there I am trying to sleep with my first day at work looming in the morning. I could not sleep at all. I surrendered to the fact that I might have to go to work without a wink of sleep. I was OK with this because I would do the day and then get an early night after my first days work. If I can sleep :{

So I’m in bed trying to sleep and I can’t so it’s getting me really angry. I ended up tossing and turning all night, getting hot and bothered. Finally at about 3am I was hot again so got up to open the window. I ended up looking out of the window for a few seconds. This is when I saw the strangest flying object I have ever seen. It was black and completely stationary, hovering over one spot in the air. No noise what so ever. I opened the window as well so I would have heard if it had an earthly engine. It did not.

Every now and then white lights would twinkle. The lights were not like aircraft lights, they were like nothing I’ve seen before. I can’t explain them very well but they reminded me of disco lights but all of them were white. Nothing that I know of can hover making no noise for 10 minutes like this UFO did. The UFO was like a flat dome shape.

The UFO could have been a government project for all I know because they do say that the government are hiding technology from the world and might be far more advanced then we believe them to be. I don’t think it was man made technology. It looked like an alien craft to me. The way it sat there for about 10 minutes then moved slowly out of view was alien. It was hovering over a neighbouring road to where I live. Say about 4 roads over from mine. I haven’t a clue what interest it would have being there. Do you think it could of been trying to abduct someone?

I live in West Lothian

Report A UFO Sighting

Seen something strange and unexplainable in the sky? Had a UFO or Paranormal experience. We would like to know about it.

If you want to share your story and have it added to this website and also shared through our social media channels just click here and fill out a quick report form. The form requires no personal details to be entered what so ever, so you can report a sighting or story anonymously if you like. Email:

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We also accept story's and material about paranormal experiences like Alien abductions, Ghost sightings, strange occurrence's and all things mysterious.

We have a particularly strong interest in Alien abductions, alien contact, and alien implants. You are most welcome to send us your pictures, videos, story's and experiences about all related subjects.

Real UFO Sighting In Santiago Chile

Real UFO Sighting In Santiago, Chile

For those of you that haven't seen this UFO footage before. This has to be one of the best UFO sightings to come out of Chile in recent years. The Chilean Air Force claimed that these UFOs were actually their Pillán planes that were on a trial run for novice pilots. Planes do not move like the objects in this footage as far as I'm aware. This actually looks like a fleet of UFOs. Just check out the formation these UFOs end up in. Have you ever seen planes do that. Would love to hear what others think about this sighting. Are they just planes?

More Strange UFO Footage From Chile

Here's another strange video that was filmed in Chile. More of the same strange lights that seem to be under intelligent control. Some people are saying that these could be car lights, but how can they be cars on a road when all the UFOs (lights) that travel from left to right seem to do so at different heights. And they do not look like the headlights on the front of a car. It would be interesting to find out whether there is a road among those trees that cars travel along.

Strange Creatures Pictures Video

This interesting video shows a very well preserved mummified ancient monster / prehistoric animal of some kind. With huge teeth. It was found in New Mexico. It also shows the the human octopus which was found washed up on the beach after the Thailand Tsunami. The end pictures show some kind of strange burn imprints that were discovered in Switzerland. apparently from an alien craft of some kind.

UFOs Spotted in Israel May 8th 2012

UFOs Spotted in Israel May 8th 2012

Very strange fleet of UFOs spotted in Israel. They appear to be just stationary. There are 7 UFOs visible in the daytime footage. Are these alien craft or is there a more common explanation for this sighting.

Alien Video Footage

Alien Video Footage

Here is a collection of alien footage. There is so much fake alien footage out there that it's hard to find something that might be real. Or even something that will make you unsure. Hopefully you will find something in one of the videos below that might make you think that perhaps it could be real. The Russian KGB leaked footage does look quite convincing.

Is this a real alien caught on tape and interrogated by the KGB

Alien Gray found dead at a mountain in Italy

Dead Alien from a crashed UFO in the Andean Mountains of Peru - Part 1

Andes Dead Alien Humanoid Video Footage Part 2

Black Triangular UFO Sighting

Black Triangular UFO Sighting

This story was sent to me last week. Two anonymous police officers claimed to have seen a triangular shaped UFO while out on partol. The UFO had the ability to appear from nowhere, and could also disappear and reappear somewhere else in the sky. Please read there story and view the photo's. Feel free to send me yours.

Black Triangular UFO Sighting Story

It was on the morning of the 30TH October 2010 at approximately 9-45 AM when both myself and a fellow police officer were driving around on routine patrol when we witnessed the UFO. Suddenly we both noticed a large black triangular shaped UFO in our line of vision, this was witnessed by both of us at the same time through the windscreen of the patrol vehicle. The UFO just seemed to materialise, I mean one minute it was a normal empty cloudy sky, then suddenly out of the blue this huge thing just appeared. I slammed on the brakes and we both watched this huge black triangular shaped UFO performing mind boggling manoeuvres high up in the sky.

The UFO was at some distance and some height, but it still appeared to be a very large craft to the naked eye, the UFO would disappear and re-appear in different parts of the sky, some times it looked like it had covered several miles in an instant, the UFO also performed aerial manoeuvres unlike anything we have both ever witnessed before, it was like the UFO could simply perform any kind of manoeuvre and turn it liked, and some of the speeds we witnessed the UFO perform were just simply mind boggling.

After what was roughly 2 minutes the UFO simply blinked out and was not visible. After roughly 1 minute the UFO re-appeared, we pulled the patrol vehicle over and got out to have a better look at what we were confronted with. The UFO was now much closer and at a much lower altitude. What we saw was a huge black triangular shaped UFO still at considerable distance, just completely frozen to the sky. The thing never moved for about 45 seconds and then suddenly started to slowly move from right to left. We watched as the UFO slowly drifted across part of the sky before suddenly just blinking out and completely disappearing. The thing never shot of or took of at great speed, it just simply wasn't there anymore, almost as though someone had switched off a light.

We were completely baffled as to what we had witnessed, as the thing was extremely large, completely silent-no jet engine noise at any point, no vapour trail. We can't say what it was what we saw, it is hard to say and imagine that what we saw was simply a terrestrial man-made jet-engined aircraft of some kind, some might say that we witnessed some kind of top secret, highly classified, deep black project, experimental hypersonic/supersonic stealth aircraft. I mean I suppose it is possible that we witnessed something of that nature, but we both got the same feeling that we were witnessing something we should not be seeing, something unexplained that did not fit into any box in ones mind, it was a very strange experience.

Obviously we can't say that the UFO was extraterrestrial, as we have no solid, concrete proof of such a claim, but what ever it was, it was like no aircraft that we have both ever witnessed before, even state of the art military jets don't come close to the way that the thing moved and performed, and the way it disappeared at will and re-appeared in another part of the sky miles away in a mili-second, and the turns and speed of the thing make us believe that what we witnessed was simply not possible to perform by humans, the G Force and speed, and how it just vanished and was simply gone without a trace. The actual UFO itself is hard to describe, it did look and appear to be metallic or made of something similar looking to military jets, no cockpit could be witnessed, the UFO was simply a plain black triangular shaped object.

The sighting lasted a good 4 minutes, we did hang around for roughly the best part of an hour, but we never saw the thing again. At the time of the sighting, the only photographic equipment that we had any access to was a tiny key-ring camera, which my colleague owned. The camera is no bigger than an inch and only takes very low resolution photographs. My colleague took 2 photos of the UFO, we had no idea that we had even captured anything on camera, we had to wait until later that evening to see the photos.

After work we went for a few pints of bitter and discussed the sighting in great detail, later we had a look at the photos on the computer. At first we were rather disappointed with the quality of the photos, but then as my colleague pointed out, you have to remember, these 2 photos were captured on nothing more than a tiny plastic camera which actually came out of a Christmas cracker, so on reflection and more closely detailed scrutiny of the images, we came to the conclusion that the photos are not that bad after all, and do clearly show the huge triangular shaped UFO at distance passing through the sky, and although the photos are not the best quality in the world, they do give some idea of the sheer size of the object that we were confronted with. Have you seen the same object?

Eliminating Alien Abduction Implants

How To Eliminate Alien Abduction Implants

It can be a tough process finding a professional surgeon or doctor to consider removing an alien implant. This is because the whole alien implants and abduction phenomenon is still very much in the dark to the masses of the general public. The whole subject is mostly shunned upon as nonsense by most of the leading governing bodies.

Alien implants come in quite a few different shapes and sizes. Most implants show no point of entry on the skins surface, and some will be able to be felt under the skin when the affected implant area is touched on the surface. Others might need to be X-Rayed or scanned before they are visible. Some are fairly large and some are very small. So do you really have an alien implant? Unless you have a recollection of an abduction experience, lumps under the skin can be a whole range of normal medical conditions. Cysts, Abscess, a harmless growth, lymph gland inflammation , boils, warts, or swelling from a knock or a fall. These can be some of the common explanations for a lump or irritation under the skin. So if you believe that you have an alien implant it's important that you have experienced an abduction related event and possibly even have symptoms to back up your belief that what is under your skin is an alien implant. Do you have complete belief, due to your abduction experience, that there's no doubt it's an embedded object of extraterrestrial origin.

While many people are still asleep to the fact that aliens exist, and that implants are real, the best method is to be secretive about your suspected implant so you don’t bring attention to yourself and the fact that what you have under your skin is, what you believe to be, an alien implant. Obviously, if you can get the implant removal procedure done by a professional who is fully aware of the alien phenomenon then you would be encouraged to tell the whole truth about your experience without the worry of being judged as crazy.

Doctors and surgeons that are familiar with alien implants are few and far between. There's literally a handful worldwide. The most well known being Dr Leir who resides in the USA. I believe at this moment he is ill so any attempt to contact him in order to get your implant removed may be far down an already long list of potential patients waiting for the same treatment. We wish Dr. Leir all the best and a speedy recovery.

The alternative to seeing an implant expert like Dr Leir is to make an appointment to see your normal doctor. Don't mention anything about aliens or implants. Just go down to your doctor and show him the lump or area and say you want to get it looked at by the hospital. If you don't have a lump but are sure there is an object that has been embedded under the skin then the same applies in terms of going to your regular doctor and following the procedure below.

Picture: The Most Common Alien Implanted Object

Best procedure for eliminating Alien Implants?

If the affected area has gradually started hurting, irritating, or concerning you more and more, and your now a little worried of what it might be make sure to express your feelings fully to your doctor. Tell your doctor that you want to get it looked at or removed by a surgeon because its concerning you. Your doctor will then most probably refer you to your local hospital and you will recieve a date by phone or post of when to attend. When your appointment date comes around the hospital will do a series of tests to try and determine what the lump (object) is. A decision will be made, depending on the findings of the tests, what the removal procedure should be, if any. The hospital might tell you it's a harmless lump or object and it won't do you any damage if you just leave it alone. Or they may say it would be better for it to be removed, especially if the lump or object is causing you discomfort.

Depending on where in the body the lump (object) is, fingers are top of the list, you might be able to get the lump or object removed on that very day. This decision can depend highly on how deep under the skin the implanted object is. However, most hospitals will give you a future appointment to re-attend to have the lump or object removed. Before the hospital starts the removal procedure make it known that you want to see the item, if it is an actual object, that was causing the lump or discomfort because you want to keep it as a souvenir. Most hospitals have no problem with this request and it's something that many people ask for. From Gallstones, to teeth, to objects under the skin. People regularly keep them.

On rare occasions the hospital might want to keep the item in order to run some tests if it looks suspicious or unexplained. This does not necessarily mean that a real alien implant would be something of concern to the doctors because most doctors, if not all except specialists in this field, don't know what an implant looks like. The doctors will most probably say it's a piece of gravel that got under your skin. That's if you have the specific alien implant pictured on this page. If the hospital does want to run some tests on the object that could take a few weeks. Then after the tests are complete you can request to have the item back. It is technically yours. Once you have the item back you can take it to be tested at a laboratory, many university’s will test items for you if you contact them and take it along. Then once the test results come back you will know for sure if your embedded object was in fact an alien implant. Got proof that you were the victim of an alien implant?

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