UFO Sighting Storys

UFO Sighting Storys

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From: Christmas

My first experience was seeing a star like object stop then shoot off. Then second, I have these weird dreams of another world I guess I was dreaming of me having a child their. I dreamed that the aliens came and took it from me in my dream. I was cool for a while then I seen something that had other circles around the centre of something and they were all moving to the centre back and forth as if they were getting energy, or should I say gas. People were there looking but dismissed it as lights from a car dealership from ten blocks away. That's it, they will be back I know, and I don't care if no one believe me.

From: Miriam

Beginning on August 23, 2011, my family and I (among many other people) have been hearing that same loud rumble in the sky that is being reported all over the globe. It is an incredibly loud rumble in the sky that roars for about 2 minutes in duration and eventually fades away.

On August 23, 2011, we were sitting in our living room, watching TV when we heard it again. We heard it between 7 or 8 times beginning around 7:30 pm (approx.) After not being able to figure out what the noise was, I did some on line research. The exact same noise was heard at the Rays baseball game, here in St. Pete the night before. (The video of this incident is available online).

This noise continued again on Wednesday, August 24,2011. My husband, 12 year-old son and I stepped outside in the hope that we could capture the sound on his cell phone. After uploading the video to my computer, I then noticed the orb or light that appears from behind the trees to the left. This light darts in and out of the clouds and behind the tree which lead me to believe that this is NOT part of the camera-along with the fact that it does not appear until the phone is pointed toward the sky. Pleas note that we were not searching for unusual lights in the sky but simply trying to capture the sound of the very strange rumbling that we had been hearing, therefore, I did not see this with my own eyes as I was looking all around me, but only noticed on the video afterwards.

As far as the rumbling goes, I heard it one last time on Thursday August 25, 2011 and an hour after that, I heard what can only be described as a very loud, vibrating hum (which was also about 1-2 mins in duration). I have heard nothing since.

From: Ignacio

1980 at 2005 leslie sherman tx about evening time on Friday not much higher than the telephone poles a disc like object moving slowly stopped over my house I ran inside got my father so I would have a witness we both saw it and as much as one would think they would be in awe we just said to each other no one is going to believe us, we did not even bother calling police my main concern for reporting my story is why out of all the places for an alien to visit, i just want to know why my house? and i know I saw letters on it but I cant remember what they were? I was a teen then but now that I'm 41 I want more answers.

From: longboarder909

This sighting occurred tonite at 11:35 pm July 18 2011. My daughter and I were watching television in the living room when I saw through my peripheral a reddish light in the sky through the window. I got up and looked out the window and saw a group of 4 objects flying at about 2 to 3 thousand feet up in a loose formation. I quickly called my daughter over to see as well then we both ran outside and saw 3 of the 4 objects stop in mid flight and hover in a triangle formation while the lead object continued east in the nite sky. One of the objects in the triangle formation flew straight up until it disappeared then the other 2 started moving east after about a minute or so then the glowing reddish colour that surrounded the objects faded away one by one. We were still able to see the objects after! the glow went out but the objects were soon out of range of our sight. This sighting lasted approximately 3 minutes and no sound whatsoever was heard coming from theses objects that disappeared into the partly cloudy nite sky, wow this was trippy and something I'll never forget.

From: C.H

Shiny Metallic Sphere

Hello, This is my first time I have ever witnessed anything like this and I am determined to get answers or stories that match mine. It was about midnight and my girlfriend just arrived home from working an unusual late night shift at the hospital. We both entered the bedroom and got into bed. About five minutes of laying in bed we saw both saw a silver almost shiny metallic sphere, probably the size of a stop sign just appear out of no where. It paused a second then moved quickly to its right and vanished.

From: Unknown

I was outside at my school playing baseball when this big metal ball shaped thing came out of no where and stood in the sky going in circles without moving.. When the bell rang people went inside and then a couple seconds later we went back out to see it and it was gone. There were jets surrounding it.

From: Kester

Back in 06, recently moving to New Zealand, I remember staying up late one night because I just couldn't get to sleep for some reason. Anyways, at the time I lived in a valley overlooking the sea. I remember getting bored with lying in bed for hours, unable to get any sleep, so I decided to stargaze. Sure enough, I opened the blinds to see two lights, one large and one small relatively close to each other just floating ( this was before I knew anything at all about UFO sightings - I did not know it was common to see these lights).

So I'm completely baffled as to what these could be. I of course assumed them to be aircraft of some sort, appearing to not move because of the angle at which they may have been traveling, but then something very strange happened - the two lights merged... The light slowly intensified and grew, and then started to move in unnatural ways. It started moving completely in control Dead straight to the left, stopping, then back to the right again. Then before i knew it, it started ascending vertically upwards at a phenomenal speed! And vanished into the sky. To this day I have no known explanation for it, but have had similar encounters since. It just makes u wonder, if they aren't real, why are they reported by millions of people describing almost the exact same thing.

Sighting Date Feb. 12, 2011

Location: Coconut creek, Fl heading west on Wiles Rd.

We started watching a very bright light in front us. As we caught up to the object it crossed over us. It had no noise. The bright light went out and the angle of the object changed it started heading north at a slow rate of speed. We saw 4 white lights in a row each would light after the other, then start over. I also saw a red light on. The object continued north it seemed to be gliding.

From: Unknown - 5th Feb 2011

I was at ruby campground near porthuron michigan and saw a bright light hovering over the trees and as i pulled out my phone to record it then it disapeard then appeard in another part of the sky, then looked like it was landing in the woods far away and I started going towards it. But then it rised back up over the trees and when I tried to take a closer look at it a strong like wind threw me on my back and it disapeard. NOBODY EVER BELIEVED ME and it drives me nuts!

From: NWK - 3rd November 2010

My story dates back to July 1995. I live in a place called Bury near Manchester' England and I worked as a security guard on an industrial park in an area called Pilsworth. I was on a late shift and to get to there I had to make a short 10-15 min walk through some countryside. I can't recall the exact time I think between 8:30-9:00pm' it was a sunny day, but jusy beginning to go dark. As i rushed up the path towards work I was looking down as I was walking fast slightly up hill ' it was then the ground lit up as if a large flash of lightening, I looked up and in the sky to the left of me was what looked like a metal ball travelling at great speed. The object flew across the sky and as it moved to my right side of view dissapeared in another lightening like flash. It happened so fast and to this day I cannot explain what it was, although I have now seen similar looking craft on youtube like the metal sphere filmed in Russia.I remember newspaper reports a week or so later of a U.F.O. following a plane into Manchester airport. Did you see the same object?

From: Gerod Ford - 16th July 2010

Every day for the past year at pinebrooke apartment there was this thing I thought it was a star. But it kept moving at a very fast speed. And it kept doing this for a year. Then and another one came. Then one was on the left and another one was on the right then they started to move down slowly then it darted up very fast. Then when I was going to sleep I heard something then when I went down stairs and the oven was on. I turnt it off then i heard something, then the oven was back on! That was creepy, I think it was an alien.

From: Kenty - 12th June 2010

I have 1 short weird ufo story which I do not even believe about my best friend, she told me that her and her boyfriend Robby saw a ufo over a bridge in the north of Essex as they was walking over to my house, though the strangest thing about the whole story is that they said they had saw, windows on a round, ball metal shaped thing, and in the windows stood their own reflections, they said they saw the exact mirror of themselves staring back to them waving and staring, my first thought was that they must have took something earlier that day or maybe a strange gas was in the air, but they assured me that they did not take nothing and also that there definitely was no gas in the air, I seriously don’t know what to believe anymore.

From: Unknown

It must have been about 2 o’ clock at night as i went for my daily run. As I ran and ran, I started to feel a stitch in my neck which just wouldn’t stop no matter how long I sat down, at this point I was contemplating finding the nearest person and phoning an ambulance as I didn’t have a mobile on me, I thought I was going to die, the pain was that strong. Read more..

From: Joey - 5th June 2010

All my life I’ve been told that I would be lucky to see 1 shooting star in my lifetime, and I have always been fascinated by the thought of seeing a star shoot through the sky, a UFO floating past or basically anything to do with space exploration and abnormalities. But one normal day, in the winter October 18th 2009 I was taking my dog for a walk through a country side in Birmingham, just my normal routine, when I actually saw a star shoot past at unreal speed, I felt butterflies in my stomach at the sight of it, but this is when I turned around and saw 2 more flying in the same direction, this time they were much slower, it must have took about 2 minutes for them to actually leave my sight, they hovered slowly above my head, as I looked in fear and for a minute even my dogs eyes were fixed on these strange UFO’s, when they left, I felt a strange feeling from where I was and the part of the sky where they flew past was a white colour, I went home told my wife, but did nothing about these strange sightings of what even today I think are UFO’s. I was so happy to find 12vn because it gives me a chance to share my experience with the world and hear your view, please message me back and tell me if anyone else has experienced this same ordeal?! Thanks, from Joe.

From: Prem

It's 9th may 2010 approximately 11:45 pm my friend and I was admiring the stars trying to figure out which was orions belt I was about to point out a particular star when it moved at tremendous speed that our eyes could not keep up we live in south africa in durban so its unusual but no star can move that fast.

Reply from the author:

Hi, I just wanted to reply to this sighting myself. I seen something similiar in the sky in the UK not long ago. It was late at night, around 2-3 am. I was walking my dog on a football field near to where I live and just happened to look up as it was a very clear night. I seen what looked exactly the same as a star, but with one difference, this one was travelling across the sky. Whatever it was, it was not moving at a speed I could not follow, but it was moving pretty quickly, and after a while it travelled so far from my view that it vanished out of sight. It did make me think, "What the hell was that". And there's no way that this was a distant aircraft because I seen this UFO (unidentifed flying object) when the planes were not allowed to fly because of the volcanic ash coming from the Iceland Volcano that was sweeping the UK at the time..I even looked at other stars at the time, all of which were completely still, except for the one that was just gliding through the sky!
Strange as this is,

It gets slightly stranger. Not long after I seen this flying star, UFO, whatever you want to call it, I was on this football field again walking my dog. I looked up at the same location of where I seen the flying object a few days earlier, and it was there again flying high in the sky. But this time it didn't just fly out of sight, it just vanished. One second it was flying across the sky, next second it was gone. This was no way a shooting star that just frizzles out as it comes through the earths atmosphere, it was identical to a star..Very strange indeed. Do you have an explanation for what this was?

From: Ben

1974, the year that changed my life. Two hour sighting with police. I was ten years old then.Errie orange spheres were observed that showed intelligent control. Baffled we all were. Felt like the air around us was changed some way. Kind of made the hair stand up. Took many years to overcome the fear of the night. Still look out the windows to reasure that nothings out there. Very strange indeed these were. Never been the same since. Bizarr indeed. Im not sure what we saw and at times wish we never did. It doesnt matter what people think about ufos just know for myself they are real.

From: Unknown

I was driving along today, and from the corner of my eye I seen what looked like a star burning brightly. Whatever this thing was it was flickering from bright purple to a very dull purple. I'm not sure if this was a ufo, but it sure was a weird looking object. I had to be careful because i was driving and looking up at this ufo! From what i seen this object went from very bright to very dull, and eventually got smaller in size. So small that it vanished after around 15 minutes. Could this have been a star? It did not move around what so ever, instead it was just stationary the whole time, then it decreased in size and was gone. UFO or Star...?

I have a concern with ufo's. I have not seen one but because i am out on many occasions in the dark, alone at night, late at night. Im scared i might get abducted..I have been watching videos on youtube recently, maybe that has something to do with it? Read more.

I live in Texas. Two years ago I was driving along a derelict off road track, which is used as a shortcut, all of a sudden something caught my eye in the sky to my left. This object was a silver ball which seemed to be glowing,  after watching it for a while i noticed that it started to move around erradically, after a while it seemed to be getting closer to me and my truck. I suddenly slammed on my breaks and came to a skidded stop, I wanted to see if this object (UFO) would carry on moving along, and this way with my truck stopped I could watch it better.  To my amazment it stopped and just hovered in the sky for about 4-5 minutes. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. This was definately a ufo. It seemed like it had a mind of it's own, like there was something manually controlling it. Then after a while this object just shot off at incredible speed and was gone. I don't know if anyone else seen it and i have never seen anything like it since.

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