UFO's over Phoenix, USA, December 2012

Two UFOs were spotted hovering in Phoenix, Arizona on December 1st 2012. They appear to be orange / Amber in colour as seem to be moving around quite slowly. Could they be some form of Chinese Sky Lantern's to celebrate the holiday period, or are they something more suspicious. These UFOs are more then likely something unknown because Sky Lanterns do not change direction and remain stationary like these unidentified objects do. Lanterns mostly travel in one direction and also flicker much more.

Phoenix was the location for one of the most spectacular UFO sightings ever to take place, known as the Phoenix lights. This UFO sighting was witnessed by thousands of people and was reported to have been a UFO bigger then a Football field. It's interesting that most of the UFO sightings in Phoenix, Arizona are of Amber / Orange coloured UFOs. That includes the world famous Phoenix Lights sighting that happened in 1997.

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