3 UFOs seen In Buenos Aries, Argentina

Although UFO sightings have become much more common worldwide, Argentina is quickly becoming one of the top contenders for the most UFO sightings and UFO activity. This video appears to show 3 UFOs that are under intelligent control. These particular UFOs are the widely seen white balls of light, which many people now consider to be demonic spirits and not actually aliens from another planet. Who knows for sure. But this is a great video which does show UFOs clearly moving around under the control of some kind of force or energy. It would be nice to know what they are doing or what they are looking for as they are clearly up to something.

Video Credit: The Beginning Is Near

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Albert Nairn said...

Yes they are there in the clear blue daylight, What are they doing? Shouldn't people inspect the area for evidence. I wish that you readers of this article kindly leave a comment.

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