UFO Sighting In Utah

From: Ezzard

I seen something last month. A bright white dome suspended above the floor. Just as I approached the bend it was sitting roughly 30 meters left of the road. This was on the US 50, Utah. It was close by and I could see something beneath the light. It was some kind of metal machine under the light. I slowed right down and had a good eyeball at it. Thing sat in the same place making no noise or anything. Spooky. I drove past then drove slowly looking in my rear view mirror scared of what it may do. Would it start flying and come after me and my truck. It didn't do anything. Like I wasnt even there. Didn't acknowledge me as far as I know.

About 25 minutes after I seen the same white dome fly over from the west. Not sitting near the ground but flying past at alttitude with pedal to the metal. Don't know what the hell it was doing in the middle of nowhere looking on the ground. Taking a lunch break?

I witnessed something I can't explain. It wasn't anything made on this planet I know that much.

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