UFO Rod Seen In Melbourne Australia

UFO Rods, although much rarer then your average glowing ball UFO sighting, have been captured on video numerous times by many people world wide. Some people say they are Critters that live in the upper atmosphere, while other people think they are just the result of a video camera or normal camera lens that has a fault or error. Whilst anything is possible I highly doubt that UFO Rods can be explained by an error with a lens.

Video Credit: Lou20764

No one knows what these things are, and going on how fast and elusive they seem to move no one will find out any time soon. This particular sighting has been captured using an Infrared filter. I believe this is the best method for capturing Rods on video. It's also one of the prefered methods for many people that film UFO activity. The second UFO in this video is not a Rod but something else..A "normal" UFO, if there is such a thing.

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