UFO Activity Fresno Weird Blinking UFO

Strange blinking lights have been seen flying over Fresno. These lights are very erratic and do not seem to stay in the same position for very long. First we see a long double white light and then it changes to one red light. It's definitely a UFO of some sort, could it be a failed attempt at a UFO trying to mimic a plane. There have been many reports of UFOs mimicking planes lately in order to not attract attention to themselves. Whatever this thing is it's either very big, because those flashing increments are far apart, it's flying extremely erratically, or there is more then one UFO.


Anonymous said...

Somethings about to happen. 2012 won't end without globla alien contact.

NoAnon said...

Anon...u were saying....2013 and we are chugging along nicely.

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