Alien ET Mummy Found In Egypt 2012

A strange alien mummy has been found in a hidden compartment at an ancient pyramid in Egypt. It is said to be some kind of humanoid species that dates back to around 2000 years old. The person who took these pictures of the alien mummy wished to remain anonymous. Does this prove once and for all the superior technology and amazing feats in architecture the Egyptians achieved thousands of years ago, such as the building of the pyramids, was knowledge or technology that was given to them by an alien race. There's no denying it, the mummy in this video is definitely NOT human. I think it's safe to say we have never been alone. This is probably the most significant find in history that has undeniable evidence that aliens do exist and have in fact been on the Earth for thousands of years yet it hasn't been on any major news channel..



  1. V tunnel 8 October 2012 at 04:42

    Can't the researchers submit a DNA sample to see WTH this thing really is?

  2. Anonymous 8 October 2012 at 09:44

    have no news stations whatsoever reported this-shocking. Spending all that money on space exploration and we find what were looking for in egypt lol

  3. Anonymous 8 October 2012 at 09:44

    thanks for the share

  4. Anonymous 8 October 2012 at 09:45

    looks half monkey

  5. Anonymous 22 October 2012 at 20:01

    A similar mummified hybrid was found in 2003. So this is the second one that has now been found.

  6. TEK 13 January 2013 at 14:10

    Marfan Syndrome?