UFO Sphere Ejects Unknown Object 2012

Amazing UFO footage filmed on the 10th August 2012. Location: USA. This incredible footage shows a UFO eject an unknown object. The unknown object that was fired/ dispatched from the UFO appears to disappear before it falls out of view below the tree line..

As soon as the object vanishes look to the left of the UFO and watch in between the two trees at seconds 12 - 13 in the video. Also at seconds 42 - 43 (replayed). You will see a UFO fly past very fast heading towards the direction of the UFO Sphere. Is that the same object that was ejected from the UFO? Or another UFO altogether? Feel free to post your explanations, comments and opinions on this very rare footage.

Video Credit: Whotookmymojo


Anonymous said...

ufo took a dump!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of predator at the start when the ufo spits out the predator and it makes its way to earth

nvb said...

mankind is clueless to whats really going on

Anonymous said...

crazy footage

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