UFO Sighting At Bartley Green Reservoir

Hello 12VN, my friend told me about this website after I told him my story and how you share any weird encounters to do with UFOs, so I thought I'd send you mine, but I would prefer to remain anonymous. Basically my story is that I was walking past the rezza, which is what we call the reservoir in Bartley Green, Birmingham, and I saw these 3 lights in the sky, very far away in the distance. One was red and the other two white, and they made almost a triangle shape, like a plane does when you see it in the night sky which is why I barely gave it a second look because my first thoughts was that, its a plane. So I carried on walking, but as I walked, I noticed it just stayed in the same spot, not moving, it was a really eerie thing to see cause it just sat there in the sky, not making no sound or anything.

I took a picture too but i couldn't see anything on my phone because its very old and the lights were very small, anyway I walked on and I never really thought much of it, cause I'm not one to believe in UFOs and the paranormal or any of that stuff. Until I got home, it played on my mind a little and I became a bit confused, because I've been walking this route for the past 7 maybe 8 years and I've never seen a plane fly over that spot, because we're not near any airport and we're just not in the flight path, especially for a plane to be flying as low as this one (UFO) was. Anyway, I went back the next day to see if I could maybe see it again, but I saw nothing, and then the next day I walked the same way, nothing again, after a few days I just gave up not knowing what to think.

But about a month later, I saw it again, but this time the lights were much brighter and bigger and this time the red light was on the opposite side. It looked like it was pulsating and growing. It was much lower to the ground. It was pretty close to me. Not knowing what to do I tried to call my wife Joanne but I couldn't seem to get a signal, so I ran a little, for at least 2 - 3 minutes. I ran along the long road which covers the length of the reservoir, and when I got onto a main road and looked back, nothing was there. I feel like I'm going crazy because I cant really remember much more else except for the smell, this horrible metal kind of smell which I remember smelling in an old iron factory I worked at when I was younger. It was a horrible smell, which seemed to stay with me for the next few hours after, and even my wife said she could smell it off my jacket. Anyway I hope you can post this on your website so I can maybe hear some story's other people might have of the same sort, maybe in the same Birmingham area? Maybe somebody else has being seeing things in the past month? I'd love to know because I hate to feel so alone, like I'm the only one that seen it. Thanks.

Here, I have enclosed a picture from the Internet of the reservoir in the same spot where I saw the object.
Picture Credit: Martin Wilson


diane cummings said...

I just found your post. I was looking for an article about an old UFO sighting over Bartley Green Reservoir which my husband found in one of his many UFO books. The reason he pointed it out all those years ago was I had told him about a neighbour in the late 60's early 70's coming round to speak to my dad. I always remember feeling really scared as a kid as this neighbour was very upset after encountering a UFO over reservoir. I don't remember the full story as we were sent upstairs and I do remember people pulling his leg afterwards. But I have never forgotten how frightened he looked when he was telling the story to my Dad as it had just happened. I remember my mom giving him a drink to steady him.

12vn said...

Hi Diane, thanks for commenting. There is definitely something strange about Bartley Green Reservoir. It seems to be a bit of a hotspot for UFO activity.

Anonymous said...

i think we seen the same thing but i seen it on 8/1/2016 about 9:45pm heading
towards the QE hospital it was a helicopter at first but no sound just 3 bright orange lights in a triangular shape that then broke formation speeded up

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