UFO Footage From Myrtle Beach June 2012

Great UFO Sighting sent in by Jim. Youtube Channel: RaleighUFO

This video shows an unidentifiable object (actually 2) (they are not the NASS satellites) travelling in the sky passing behind what looks like a star. I'm trying to determine if the object actually did pass behind the "star" or if it was some abnormality from the nvgs. In this video you will see several other objects also travelling in the sky but I am most interested in the time period at 3:49 in the video when the object passes behind the apparent star. Also any comments on the number of objects seen in this video and how the twin objects appear to pull apart from each other and then get closer towards the end of the video... I would like to see if there is a way to enhance the video to get more detail and to determine if it actually did pass behind whatever that is.

I took this same video and cut/captured every instance these objects passed in front of "stars" during the 7 minutes for example and comparison to the 3:49 clip of passing behind and I cannot understand this. Here is that video also..


Anonymous said...

Myrtle Beach is a hotbed for UFO activity

HopeBC said...

ufos are everywhere, so widespread that people dont act bothered by seeing them anymore

Bared said...

Seen similar in Minnesota

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