Tuesday, 19 June 2012

UFO Sighting Over The Moon June 2012

UFO Sighting Over The Moon June 2012

This strange UFO was recently spotted drifting back and forth over the moon. It appears to be searching over the moons surface. The UFOs appearance is very similar to  the ones seen in 1996 when the tether owned by NASA broke and was surrounded by UFOs. It seems to be glowing or pulsating with energy and has a hole in the middle. Are we looking at a solid object here that is under some form of camouflage or does this object have no physical matter.. Some people think these types of UFOs could be critters that live in the upper atmosphere that we are yet to discover, while others are convinced they are some kind of spirit life forms. Let us know what you think.



Anonymous said...



something orbiting the moon, probabally a rock

Anonymous said...

thats a ufo

ike said...

that aint a rock fireboy

xc90 said...

The moon is a stop off point for aliens

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