Wednesday, 23 May 2012

UFOs Seen In The Upper Atmosphere

UFOs Seen In The Upper Atmosphere

Could this be solid evidence that something is out there, whether it's creatures we have yet to discover, that live in the upper atmosphere and are only visible under different spectrum's of light (infrared) or slow shutter speeds, and are invisible to the naked eye. Or are these strange objects intelligently controlled UFOs that have been flying over our heads without us knowing about it for many many years..

I know that these sorts of UFOs have been captured on video before from places like NASA etc, but those videos were filmed in space, in which NASA claimed them to be space debris.. The guy that is filming these clips is just filming the sky above his head, and on a regular basis he is capturing these flying objects on video..He also says that these "UFOs" are visible with the naked eye, as well as under night vision mode. Whatever "they" are, it's definitely something that has not yet been fully explained.. I believe these objects could be some sort of intelligent creatures that we have not yet discovered, and probably never will unless we actually catch one..That's easier said then done.. Whatever you believe them to be, watch the videos and send me your comments or a possible explanation using the comments form below.

UFO Pulsates


Checkout this amazing footage of a UFO actually sending out some kind of energy pulse as it travels across the sky. Some people are saying this is a plane. I've never seen a plane pulsate before.

Huge Orb UFO Flying Across The Sky


UFO Powers Up Glowing Bright


UFO Flashes Twice




Anonymous said...

They are real!!

Anonymous said...

Good footage. Where in the usa?

Anonymous said...

Moving Satellites?

Anonymous said...

Why not on news? hmmmmmm

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