UFO Sighting In England UK

UFO Sighting In England UK

About 8 years ago, I used to hang around with a good mate of mine and we would get together and smoke a joint on the evenings.

We used to go into a high rise flat and sit on the stairwell and have a talk and roll up. Anyway, one evening we doing our usual routine, heading for the high rise flat, in we went, I randomly pressed floor 18 and off we went. It was about 7pm, sunny day, hardly a cloud in the sky. This flat over looked a valley (forest) which could easily be seen from the 18th floor on a clear day. It was about half a mile in front. Maybe less.

So here we were, as usual, my mate started to skin up, he was talking to me at the same time. As we were talking I was looking out the window, when I saw something flying around..It was a bright shining ball of light. My mate was still talking to me about something, when I just butted in and said "what the F**K is that! (Bear in mind-Nothing had been smoked at all yet!) So I pointed this ball of light out to my mate, down went his rizla and we watched this thing flying around all over the place.

It could move forward-backward, any direction it wanted to. Even the best fighter jets in the world can't reverse in mid air. The ability to move in any direction this thing had was shocking. We watched in amazement for easily 15 minutes. And at one point we both said "Bang" at the same time because it landed! Then came back up again instantly. After a while it was drifting so far away our eyes just weren't able to follow it anymore. From that day on we swore we had both seen a UFO.

What else could it have been?

We told everyone we met , all our friends etc. We were totally convinced.

Whenever we seen each other we would talk about it, we knew what we had seen couldn't be explained.

But about 4 years after our sighting, I bought a pellet gun (just for a laugh). I would never shoot an animal, I live them all too much. I would just shoot at tree trunks and stuff. Anyway, one day I was bored so I thought I'd take the gun out down to the valleys (were we had seen this UFO looking thing) with my dog.

So off I went, not really giving the UFO a second thought as it was so long ago (4years!). I doubted I'd see it again, I gave it a slight thought but wouldn't let it stop me going.

So now I was walking down to these valleys (forest area) with my gun in my bag and my dog on his lead.

It was the same type of weather as when we seen the UFO all those years ago, nice sunny day, clear skys.

So I get down there and start shooting at trees and things. My dogs running about like a nutta, loving the outdoors. The UFO or anything paranormal was the last thing on my mind.

But after about an hour , I don't know why but I started to think about the ufo as this was were I had first spotted it when looking from the 18th floor of the flat all them years ago.

When you start to think about something, you can become paranoid, and I did. I kept on looking up into the sky, there was nothing. Every now and again id have a look up. But then all of a sudden this ufo appeared, the same bright shining white ball of light was above and this time I wasn't on the 18th floor in a flat stairwell with my mate skinning up, I was right underneath it!!! And on my own. I can tell you now - I was absolutely Sh*tting Myself. It was flying around in all directions. I thought OMG im gonna get abducted.

I started watching it and watching it , scared of what it would do. Then all of a sudden the light caught it at another angle, there was a different color then just a white bright ball of light, it was grayish. Then it came lower and I saw it wasn't round. It had wings! It was a F*cking pigeon!!!!!! I was so relieved-but I felt like a right tw@t. This was DEFINITELY the same thing me and my mate seen from the flat. It was a white pigeon, and when the bright sun reflected off it, it made it look like it was glowing. You couldn't even make out it had wings - it just looked like one rounded object. I was so scared , I genuinely thought it was a UFO.

But for years me and my friend were so convinced it was nothing else. I thought to myself "I wonder what my mate will think when I tell him this". Will he accept it, or will he say no way, we saw a UFO and that's that. Well I'll tell you, he wouldn't accept it. He looked disappointed in me when I told him.

But just think, if I hadn't gone down the valleys that day on my own, I would have still believed it was a UFO. And I'd be on here saying I had seen one for definite. My mate just wouldn't believe me when I told him it was a pigeon. Paranormal pigeon perhaps, but what we seen really was a pigeon. It's a mystery to me how the sun made that pigeon look like a glowing ball of light. And I now think that many things seen on sunny clear days like that are explainable. It's the night UFOs that are very real in my opinion. I know some people will read this and think , a pigeon! But until you seen it like I did-you can't judge it.

I always have to speak my mind. Paranormal or not. I didn't have to tell my friend what I had seen, but I felt he had a right to know. Maybe I hurt him because he was, and still is so convinced he seen a UFO. But he really didn't. We really didn't.

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