UFO Pictures

UFO Pictures

The UFO picture above was taken in Russia. A UFO was sighted and claimed to have come down in the forest area. There has been much speculation regarding this UFO picture, first is the position of the UFO, from that position it must have come down almost totally vertical. Also the angle, if it came down any other way then vertical it's the wrong way round, why is there no damage to the trees, from the position the UFO is embedded in the ground some of those trees should be broke. Could it be a hoax or is it a real UFO..What do you think?

This is a very interesting UFO picture. You can clearly see a fighter jet of some sort checking out the UFO. This proves, in my opinion, to a high degree, that this UFO was detected on radar and the military sent a jet to check it out, either that or the UFO was following the jet. Whatever way round it was the guy flying that jet seen a UFO, I wonder if he ever reported it. Hats off to the person that took this rare picture, great job!

This UFO was seen in 1943 in Japan. Clearly there is something shaped like a ball behind this aircraft. Many objects similar to this were spotted by pilots from many other country's including, England, USA and Germany, during the 1940's. In particular, during the Second World War.

This UFO was spotted in 1956 in Rosetta Natal, South Africa. A very strange oval metallic object that has all the makings of a UFO. It just goes to show how far ahead they are compared to us with technology.

 In my opinion, the UFO above is a government craft on a test run. It was spotted in 1951 in Lubock, Texas, USA. These triangular shaped UFOs have been seen many times in more recent years.

This extremely low flying UFO was seen in 1967 in Zanesville, Ohio, USA. It's the classic "German Helmet", or "Flying Saucer" shaped UFO. An excellent picture.

 Whoever took this UFO picture seems to be pretty close or they have a very good camera, but as this picture is from the 1960's I would say they were fairly close. The picture taker said this UFO stayed in the same position for quite sometime then wooshed off at high speed. Wasn't this picture from one of Billy Meier's UFO encounters?

What a great UFO picture, this was taken in America by a paper boy doing his delivery's, not sure where he got the camera, I guess he had it with him, very fortunate.

Ancient UFO Paintings and Pictures


This video of ancient UFO pictures and paintings proves that we have been getting visits from UFOs and aliens since time began. Check out one of the pictures in the video that has what looks like an old fashioned UFO. In my opinion this shows that UFOs and aliens have evolved technology wise throughout the years, just like we have on earth.

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